Tuesday , January 19 2021

Zuma tells Sunday Times that & # 39; you keep lying about my name & # 39; – The Citizen

In response to an article in the Sunday Times yesterday, former President Jacob Zuma has once again accused the use of his Twitter account for allegedly misrepresenting paper.

He tweeted: "You lied about my name @Sundy Times, whose agenda is you serving? Unless you mention Zuma's name, are you unable to sell your newspaper? I am still waiting for a title deed."

Yesterday, the paper said that President Cyril Ramphosa urged Zuma to discuss many related issues before the launch of the party's election manifesto in Durban.

Ramphosa was expected to raise concerns about his Twitter account, mainly because of public comments made by Zuma, because this was often called to go against ANC grains.

They were advised to discuss the state's capture and Zuma is currently in numerous cases.

According to the release, there is fear that some Zuma supporters may try to disappoint Ramphosa, as the Manifesto is taking place in the area considered as the Zuma stronghold.

They previously refused to support many ANC activities in favor of their centered plan on Zuma.

Party's national spokesman, Jiji Kawwane, described the scheduled meeting as the only adviser, who compared it in other meetings in the past with the ANC leadership in Ramphosa.

However, Zuma believes that she had made everything, and she once referred to the Sunday Times last year for a title deed in the newspaper in a report owned by a Dubai-based demand.

Last year, Zuma reminded the publication of the June 4, 2017 report that it owns and owns as a Robert Mugabe neighbor in Dubai. The report has alleged that Dubai building – a bedroom, 13 bathrooms, nine reception rooms and 11 cars – was a gift from secret brothers.

It also states that the house, worth 330 million, was Zuma's retirement property in the suburbs of the Amirat Hills.

No specific evidence has ever emerged as a title reference to support this revelation.

(Compiled by Charles Silliers)

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