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02/12/2018 – During an interview, Chaku Palivasino had a nasty mindset

This Chakuo Palavino (58) It became disturbing in the air and it became an upset moment While commenting macho on Cordoba's Channel 10. It was When I was interviewed By Chronicleer Ivana FreitagOn the mobile of Plaza de la Musica,

The criminal episode took place on Tuesday, But it went viral on social networks this weekend. It started in the following ways: The program's host Guadalupe Zemare said to his partner "Quebeon acomododa estas, Ivana". He added and added: "Do you know this hat?", In reference to the typical costume worn by the singer.

At that time, On the screen the folk singer was watching her later and touching her back The journalist, who among the nervous laughter, says: "I was watching tattoos on my back."

The journalist brought the microphone to the box and described it Tattoo: "He says there are no beds that I have not traveled". Evana, immediately after clarification: "No, please. She does not say that", And the singer himself said that he had visually problems.

Ivana Freitag, Canal 10 de Cordoba

Ivana Freitag, Canal 10 de Cordoba

After the note, Noro decided to download it on social networksThe unpleasant moment of expressing the singer's denial and tolerating it.

He first decided to explain why he felt a few days to write a letter: "If I remain silent these days it was the reason I feel deep sadness, sadness, sadness for being a victim of such sexist And macho Through an interviewer, one action which I refuse to be from the deepest part of my heart and mine. "

Ivana Freitag, Canal 10 de Cordoba

Ivana Freitag, Canal 10 de Cordoba

Many people expressed surprise that the Chronicle did not give the singer the life of the singer. On that, he explained: "My value was to continue with the interview which I was living on, Trying to dodge the situation to avoid verbal violence or tension that can be generated by working at the moment. "

In addition, he suggested that there is no margin for error in live television and could betray the nerve. "The place we move in this patriarchal macho culture does not allow clear answers to set the limitless limitations. It seems that education or kindness is confused"He added.

Something that Ivana This fact was a big reflection And criticized the singer's attitude: "I want to celebrate in the middle of my shadow on the influence of this fact and grant that people are responsible for rejecting the wrong action of a person who is still not relevant to this time as other people. Run "

"I hope this fact will help or give at least one great contribution so that we all say & # 39; reaction & # 39; and say, Cordova asked the journalist. And closed with the expression of desire: "We will make one more society, with equal rights among all.Machismo from Basta, we are worthy of respect ".

Full letter

Today I will take the floor.

If these days I will remain silent because I feel sad, sad, sad to be a victim of sexist and sexist sexuality by an interview, that action which I reject at the bottom of my heart and at the bottom of my existence.

I say that my value was to continue with the interview which I was living, trying to avoid the situation of verbal violence or to avoid the stress generated by working at that moment.

There is no margin for error in live mobile. Nerves often betray us and we move on in this macho patriarchal culture, they do not allow clear responses to set boundaries without a sudden. It seems that education or kindness is confused.

If I have learned something in this career as a journalist, then we are not the leader of the interview, the leaders are interviews and / or their action or message.

It is a society responsible for criticizing and putting into action.

I am celebrating among my glance in the reactions of this fact and I agree that people are responsible for rejecting a person's wrong action, which, like other people, is still not relevant to the timing of a feminist struggle for equality. Terms

I want to help this fact or at least give a good contribution so that we all respond and say "enough".

I can only say infinite thanks to achieve all support and dispute.

Together we will make one more society with equal rights.

Let's say "joy" in Machias, we should respect.

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