Wednesday , January 20 2021

06/01/2016 – Natka Jat was condemned by two men in the Department of Belgorod

Natura Jat publicly denies that two men raped her on Friday in Buenos Aires's Buenos Aires apartment.

This model revoked the attack on her Twitter account, where she suggested a film director and her friend as the culprit of a sexual assault by the name of "El Gordo".

He told the social network that on Thursday night he had a meal in the film director's apartment, which he had described as "almost a brother" because of his friendship for years, and in a moment, after a few beers, he started to feel dizzy. He said, "My television went out."

As she explained, when she was conscious again, the film director and her friend, she did not know a man and who said it first, he is nikacha, she is raping her. "I opened my eyes and they were practicing sex," he added.

In the crude story, Jite noted that she pulled the necklace and hair.

Finally, he added, they managed to leave the department. "Once upon the street, I was in a shock, all dirty, angry," he said. "7 pm they throw me on the street".

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