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12/02/2018 – A 20-year-old police woman killed one of the 19 thieves who wanted to rob her

It was a few minutes to 21. She came back from the police of Buenos Aires and 20 years, while doing some shopping The 19-year-old armed thief wanted to rob him. The woman recognized herself and regulated the pistol, but the offender stopped her threat and wanted to enter Templi's house: she killed him with three shots.

All things happened on Saturday night, near the junction of Trinisivoros and Carbalaas of Lomas de Zamora party, Just a few meters away from where he lives Agent in the third year of the institute Juan Vuccacio.

Triumariate 1200, in Templeley, where a thief tried to rob the police and died.

Triumariate 1200, in Templeley, where a thief tried to rob the police and died.

The woman, who was working and dressed in civilian clothes, had returned from shopping in the neighborhood and when she was carrying a gun to steal a young man, she had to enter her home.

According to sources, the non-commissioner officer gave a loud voice, after which he pulled out his regulatory pistol and tried to convince the offenders to free his tendency. But The attacker opposed it and wanted to enter the house.

The police opposed the shot. He hit the thief's body four times and three shots, which died on the spot.

The attacker was identified as Damien Alejandro Fonseca Gonzalez, 19 years And with neighboring addresses, about 40 blocks of San Jose de Tamplalli, where he died.

Next to the body of Fonseca Gonzalez, the third Templely police station agents went to the place They got a revolver, The spokesman suggested.

The fact has been investigated by the prosecutor Lorenzo Loreto, who takes charge of the judicial department, Lumas Zamora UFI N ° 3, who has ordered that the officer remain for the freedom of the case. "Legal protection".

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