Wednesday , January 27 2021

17-year-old Sharon discovered

Mateo Armando Vivas Rodriguez has been missing since December 31 of the 17-year-old teenager. The family of the citizen has made an intensification in search that there is no information about their resolutions.

They are looking for a missing teenager in the new year.
They are looking for a missing teenager in the new year.

Before the New Year, teenagers, known as Armando Vivas Rodriguez, left their home in Carlos Pase, and by January 2, the total contact was lost. The young man continues Disappears And for this reason, the search became more intense.

17 years old Disappears At the end of the year, and according to some witnesses, Cárodos Paz, Cordoba saw the last time in Peso di Arteasános. The family of adolescents has explained that they have short-haired short hair, white skin and thin.

In turn, Matto's family suggested that he uses Aritos and has a skire with several stitches on his right wrist. So far, there is no information about their places, so the entire community has been asked to contribute.

Finally saw them, young man Disappears He was wearing blue jeans, black lacoste T-shirt and white sneaker. For this reason, people who can provide data can do any of the police stations, judicial units or telephone 101.

He was missing from Christmas: he was found dead in Chaco

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