Sunday , June 20 2021

4 and died

Many young people have emotions for video games Internet Booths, In those posts that are very much in love with computers Multiplayer and cooperative titles. If we celebrate 20 years of class life a few hours a few hours ago now it's time to celebrate the first decade Left 4 death, Game in the same developer, valve.

In the "Vice" era, we went with our friends to play the most formal collaborative part of our childhood. The resolution was to destroy the pilgrims It also thanked me for the modification made by the counter strike. Turtle rockThey wanted to develop a competition between developers and experienced friends and unions.

One of the key points of success Artificial intelligence Behind the army. Call "I am Director" I knew exactly how your team worked, and they improved that information and increased the number of non-joint users. Today, as in the traditional, in today's time – in 2008, it was quite revolutionary.

Video game is contradictory, with fun and interesting conversations in emotions. Franchise Mike Booth He also showed classic materials that make us like memories The hunder, the witch, the boomer or the smoker.

So far we can continue the game Left 4 death Actually PC, Xbox 360, We also have it 2 dead 2 left, The improved version of the video game, which is one of the internet classics.

Tell us, are you still playing 4 left left? What memories are there in this game?

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