Thursday , July 7 2022

A certified brand and dress that leaves them with burns and blindness


One of the most tempting moments in a girl's life was a terrible nightmare Temporary blindness, chemicals, and glow of your face Until you get dirty after you've used itAuthorized die i

Riley O'Brien, an 18-year-old English girl, She was ready to go out with her friends, she decided to take a charming beauty roll and change her hair color With a tincture Garnier nitrices. Always in compliance with the girl's edition, she did it and did not perform an experiment before allergic reactions were brought out and put her on her head.

Without precious precaution, Rili used these products, and because of her dance with her friends, she did not find any unusualness in her body. However, the next day is not on his forehead It was swollen and its size was normal twice, Public Mail Online

"This made me afraid I realized I had a tasting of tea." I tried to wash myself, but I missed the symptoms.It seemed like an analog.

But without improving, his picture gets worse: swelling His eyebrows exceeded the way he could not open his eyelids. All rights reserved His skull broke up and started to decomposeAt the same time his views were affected Temporary blindness.

He had noticed the suffering he had suffered at the hospital Chemical burn As a result of the gigantic allergic reaction generating tincture.

After suffering a pain, she reassured her that she would accept the color of her hair without guaranteeing it. I recommend everyone who uses these products for testing allergies.

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