Thursday , January 21 2021

A French study opened the door to remove HIV-infected cells

According to a study published by the journal, a group of researchers from the French Institute of Pascur took a new step in the fight against AIDS virus to find ways to remove the infected cells. Cell Metabolism.

A search declared by the Pasharu Institute will revolutionize HIV treatment, because so far patients should take antiretroviral medicines, which fail to harm the reservoir of HIV (the secret virus) that lives in the immune cells,

In a statement on the Spanish Acere Sez-Sérion, PSTRU Institute of Prestur Institute, study coordinator, the study coordinator said, "Our work is to focus more on them to identify infected cells."

Researchers have identified the characteristics of CD4T lymphocytes, enables HIV and uses immune cells to make copies.

Antiretroviral – Antiretroviral – Those who treat this prevent HIV from doing this and multiplying, but they do not cure, that is, they do not end the virus, but leave it inactive.

Now researchers have discovered that the virus primarily infects cells with strong metabolism like CD4, in which the use of glucose plays a sponsor role. Expert says that the mechanism will open a door to remove the infected cells.

The researchers have blocked the infection because the experiments in the biological tissues of the organism in the synthetic atmosphere, which are done in an artificial environment, inhibitors of metabolic activity are already being investigated.

Researchers said that discovery is the first step, however, it clarifies that it is still necessary for patients to apply this technology.

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