Monday , June 5 2023

A little brother with Dionysus! Flavio Mendoza said another child would want to


The arrival of Dionysius changed life and Flavio moved to Mendoza Thinking about a little brother The baby born through the womb.

"After the fertilization process, I froze some ovaries, But I would like to receive the little brother of Dionysian. ", Confirm Dancing's participation in the Agarrate Catalina written by W. Dice / Radio de la Ciudad.

For example, he continued: "SI communicated with Giselle who was a pregnant woman and we are already going to Disney with Dionysius and her children. She became one of the women of my life. If she feels like she knows, I have three children, and I'm fully positive. "

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Actually, he said:I was lovingly disappointed For I was afraid that he would take my son. I opened the door of my house. I urge you to apologize. I do not care, I'm an advertiser, he does not do that. "

He added:I will give you a better time when time passesBeyond this all around my son. I was in my few days in front of me, but my son smiled, everything changed. "

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