Friday , March 5 2021

A magnetic blast on Earth was recorded by NASA – – diero de Mendoza, Argentina

A multi-space magnetospheric mission (MMS), a spacecraft comprising 4 probes launched by NASA in 2015, found a magnetic blast in the Earth, helping to better understand this phenomenon. According to an article published on Thursday in the journal Science Journal, retrospective.

This mission was able to provide high-resolution images on our planet's night. A NASA outlook for information on magnetic reconnection is "the process of energy transformation in many astronomical environments. [en todo el universo], Including the Earth's magnetosphere. "

According to the science alert portal, scientists have been able to observe this phenomenon for the first time, thanks to a stream of equilibrated connections in a tail form. Solar energy of the Earth's magnetosphere.

"We know more about these reinstatement and we can prepare as much as we can for external programs [de este fenómeno] At any point in the universe, "said Roy Tortert, deputy principal investigator of MMS.

In October 2015, scientists mapping the phenomenon of this phenomenon in this part of our atmosphere now forms a comet, in the dark part of the earth, giving them a new vision. Similarly, jet smooth streams of high-energy electrons travel at speeds of more than 15,000 km per second.

Earth is protected from the constant rain of surface electrons, high speed protons and a magnetic field coming from the sun. Its "tissue fingers and energy energy absorbs energy." Length of the channels in the loop "Finally, it returns to space, Science Alert remembers. If you have a large array of these particles, it will create "networks and electrical disadvantages."

On March 13, 2015, a tetrahedral satellite formation was introduced to collect data on magnetic reassembly, energy screens, turbulence, and processes in many astronomical science plasmas.

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