Friday , March 31 2023

A new solution to prevent brain cancer


The tissues in our body are in fluid. It wraps the cells and is essential for normal body function.

But in some cases, this fluid will do more harm than good.

Globilstroma, Broad Cancer The most serious factor of this fluid is the high pressure that can cause faster and spread of cancer cells. A typical cancers therapy, combined with a tumor directly into a caltert can be added to the fluid that is faster.

An assistant professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics at College of Engineering, led by Jennifer Munsene, may have found a solution to stop this indefinite cancer cell spread.

In an article published in November Scientific reports, Chorus Cornellsson, London author, postdoctoral researcher in Virginia text, the use of a drug found by Munson group prevents the way cancer cells can respond to fluid flow. This study is part of a five year research grant project led by Munsound to examine the multidisciplinary fluid flight roles for globular cells. An inflammatory fluid of the fluid around the cell in the body.

Labs in Munsz's gang and others used globablaster to use mice. Glaucoma cells caused the destruction of the brain, causing the delivery of cancer treatment to a specific method. The AMD3100 drug was used to extend the rapid movement of liquid and cancer cells. The clinic used is a game mangler.

The research was done at the University of Virginia. In 2017 he entered Virginia Text.

Cornellison said that this discovery would prevent globblesto from spreading.

"The use of this drug is used by people who use the drug before using the drug we used to prevent flying slimming, considering using conveying improved delivery" he added.

Munson learns about Globeblomo for more than 10 years. More attention is paid to the brain fluid and brain of cancer cells.

"That's it [glioblastoma] It is very daunting, for decades there has been no change in the treatment. Something should be changed, "she said." If you look at my skill and fluid nature, we may have an answer that we can not see there. "

The body is spreading the body of drugs through drugs and research.

"It's a power that does not have much of an interest in brain art," she said. "My goal is to think more people about this power, which can be effective in untrusted cells that we do not intend."


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