Monday , March 27 2023

A player from Independent Dale Valle warmed up to a previous duel against the Reds.


The Independent will visit Ecuador's team from 21.30.

After a victorious first round victory, Independent Will visit from 21.30 to the minute Valley Independent Ecuador for the quarter-finals of South American CupGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Led set Sebastian Bacchus Has gained an advantage in Avellanada and would like to keep the result away from home to move on to the second leg of the continent.

Cristian Palareano, The Ecuadorian team's central steering wheel, warmed up to the match in the previous match: "We are a little angry because the referee did not go to see the play on VAR, to this day I am convinced he is not the culprit." In that controversial game of the first leg, Silvio Romero broke into the field and was responsible for sending the ball to the bottom of the net.

The midfielder analyzed the party process in the Libertadores de America: "We made a great game, very dynamic. We got to get on the scoreboard, we had two time errors and a team of great players paid for it. In a statement with Radio Rivadavia, the former Independent Spokesperson said that it is now up to us to revamp the series.

Pellegrino said Independent Del Valle is strong at high altitude: “With a team like ours, I can't find it anywhere in the air. The key to the game will be in the dynamics that we can give to the game, the main factor is height and we must take advantage of that, which is the height I prefer to define as local. & # 39;

The midfielder added, "Beyond the scoring factor, we are a team that has a clear idea of ​​the game idea and we take it in any field, I have been shown in Avellanada," the midfielder added. The cast of Bacchis will play the game for any team at a critical location: it will play more than 2,800 meters above sea level. Save red should be saved.

Although there are many players who are not 100% physically, Red is the coach He has the best of them for tonight: Marton Qua Mpia; Nicholas Fiegel, Alan Franco, Gaston Silva, and Juan Cinquez Miao; Fabricio Bustos, Nicholas Domingo, Pablo Perez and Cecilio Dominguez; Sebastien Palacios and Francisco Pizzini.

For his part, Independent will only have to win by at least thanks to the goals that Del Valle has made as a visitor. Miguel Angel Ramirez will place the following headlines for the duel against the Argentinean team: Jorge Pinos; Anthony Landzon, Luis Fernando Leon, Richard Shunke and Luis Segovia; Angelo Preciado, Efrain Mara, Alan Franco, Cristian Pellerano and Joan Sanchez; Gabriel Torres

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