Monday , January 25 2021

About 50% of SMEs say that 2018 was 2018 "bad"

According to a survey conducted by the IERL Institute of the Maternity Foundation, 49% of SMEs estimated 2018 worse than 2018, while 28% of people believed it to be very bad and pronounced themselves due to a significant decrease of 21%. Meanwhile, 25% SME said that the situation will remain the same today And the remaining 25% of the situation is expected to improve (23% in proportion and 2% significant).

The main purpose of evaluating how major therapies affect SME influences in the report conducted by economists Marcos Cohen Arzi, Ana Laura Alonso and Fernando, was the main objective: Sales, Profitability, Investments and Employment. "The collected index affects low performance in 2018 All the variables commonly suggested for the set of SMEs are generally worse", They point out.

Similarly, the views of MSME traders were received in relation to their expectations of how their related companies will end in 2018. "The results show that 49% of SMEs estimate 2018 was worse than 2017, while 37% of micro-enterprises believe that the condition is worse than 2017.

20% noticeable, and 17% in general, 33% of micro-companies thought that their status has been consistent and at least 30% believe that the general position in 2018 was generally good, "the report said. The main currency is a substantial part of the SME Developed in a negative way, the least anticipated expectations for 2018 refer to the sales level.

On the other hand, 19% showed the increase in the number of SME employees, While 18% of profitability is expected to improve and only 16% have ensured that they increase the investment. Most SMEs plan to maintain the level of employment (47% of companies seek advice). While responding to inquiries, moderate responses to SMEs dominate: very few companies expect a sharp increase or decline in key variables, "the experts said.

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