Monday , August 2 2021

According to Farace, in October, the industry declined by about 5%

In October, industrial output declined by 4.8%, during the same period of 2017, while accumulating seven-month falls, According to a report by the Center for Economic Studies of Orlando Ferraras

Between January and October, product activity collected the remaining part of 3.5%. Compared to the same period of 2017 and compared to the previous September, the seasonally adjusted size has increased by 1.4 percent, the consultancy said.

"However, keeping in view the seasonal arrangement data, it seems that the most disorganized phase of this cycle has been left behind, the situation does not allow us to be very optimistic in the short run and we have to wait to see more flexibility by the end of 2019. More enthusiastic Agricultural sector hands and a more stable macroeconomic outlook ", The company suggests.

In the tenth month of 2018, Dynamics were affected by what happened in the food segment, Where the production of oil and soft drinks decreased (two chapters with high weights), which decreased in the register of 5.7% and 12.3%, respectively.

Likewise, this 7.9% retracement in non-metallic mineral sector, Due to the lower cement shipments

However, this study suggests that "The biggest draw in the industry in October was the automotive sector, which contracted by 11.8% annually, which contributes around 2% points in the general index".

In October, food, drinks and tobacco declined 2.4 percent annually, after declining 5.8% in the previous month, and showing a decrease of negative difference above 8%. The past four months.

Machinery and equipment sector saw a contraction of 15.9% per year, which was associated with the falls in all the departments, though it was slightly lower than September.
"We see poor results through agricultural machinery and equipment industries, automotive sector is constantly reduced in the second month, this time it increases by 11.8% every year," the study said.

The item of basic metals was the only one that showed positive numbers for this month, registering a growth of 15.1% annually.

The report said, "This record is partly explained because in October last year, plant shutdowns were made to maintain rolling product lines."

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