Monday , January 18 2021

After contracting the Guilin-Barr, a teacher in Thailand was paralyzed

Caroline Bredner, 22 years and originally from Virginia (United States), was decided Move to Thailand Last October to fulfill his dream of teaching foreign boys. But A strange illness left her paralyzed And now her family is hoping to bring her back to her country.

A few days before this episode She began to feel weak in her stomach, Which quickly spread to the rest and was difficult to move. After consultation at the local hospital, he was told that he believed he had multiple sclerosis. However, when a friend took her back to the clinic because she woke up without proceeding, the diagnosis was clear: I signed a contract with Gillen-Barre syndrome.

On the left side, Caroline works. On the right side, already hospitalized.
On the left side, Caroline works. On the right side, already hospitalized.

What is Gillen-Barre Syndrome?

The disorder is that Autoimmune neuromuscular disease It attacks nerve cells and causes muscle weakness or parisysis. Symptoms (which begin with muscle weakness and dizziness) last for a few weeks. According to Mayo Clinic, Its causes are unfamiliar, however, generally, "it is caused by infectious disease, such as respiratory infection or viral gastroenteritis".

Learning this situation, Caroline's mother went to Thailand and started raising funds to cover medical costs. There is no remedy for this disease, Most patients are fully recovered (Although some have permanent nerve damage).

In this young woman's case, she was paralyzed by her neck but her father told foreign media that "we are seeing improvement every day". In fact, You can move your shoulders and fade in your fingers.

"We appreciate all the help of people. Caroline has many family members and friends next to him, who wants to go home as soon as possible to take care of her," That man was perfect. Health Insurance agreed to pay for the transfer to the United States, So her parents clarified that the remaining money will be compensated for the donation.

"Since Thailand, the perspective of life has changed, he says There are people surprisingly and always happy. I think she wants to live like her and she has a very positive attitude. She wants to go home, so her efforts focus on rehabilitation, "the father said.

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