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After investing $ 86 million in five years, why the river is going to market: the mistakes and success of the Gallardo era

Source: AFP – Credit: Javier Gonzalez Toledo

The foam starts to fall and the feet return to the ground. However, the smiley will never be erased to win the club's history, in Nunze they know that the ball will continue to roll and


You have to say present. Yesterday, the team returned to the ring after 13 days of vacation, its first practice was in the monument and reached Punta del Este, where 28 players will make the preps until Thursday 17.

It's not 10 sharp days and the time to lose: From Saturday 19 till Wednesday 30, the river will have four superlime commitments, which will be important in their desire to fight the title. Prior to the fourfold competition, technical staff and leadership know that, unlike the last market of those countries, which did not include any, there is a need to reinforce this time. With

Gonzalo "PT" Martinez

Central Low-Plus is hidden

Luciano Lolo

And withdrawals

Rodrigo Mora-

Although there is already a modest distance to cover, more names will be asked.

Besides, it will be a market where it has not stopped pausing the river in the last two purchased. D & # 39; During the Onofriyo era (five years), about 85.7 million dollars were spent by 36 players. But big arguments – many have been converted into plenums – were created just recently.

In the middle of 2017, $ 20.3 million was spent by Ignacio Scoko, Javier Pinalola, Enzo Perez, Rafael Bore, Nicolás de la Cruz and Marcelo Sarkachi, while German Lux came for free; And in early 2018, $ 22 million was invested by Lucas Prato, Franco Armani, Bruno Zuckulini and Juan Fernando Quintinaro (one year loan for 500 thousand euros).

Trained campus in the monument and later to Punta del Este; Many Platinum Hairstyles, America's Champion Promises
Trained campus in the monument and later to Punta del Este; Many Platinum Hairstyles, America's Champion Promises Source: Archive – Credit: The river of Perez

But now the number has increased, as Ron had to pay millions of euros for San Pablo's targets (he played 50% of the game with Copa Libertadores and Proto) and in addition, he used the purchase option for 3.25. For the passage of Quintero, Euro Thus, they ended $ 27 million for the last four players and 47.3 million in the last 11.

On the other hand, numbers can increase with Bor Case, because Atlottoko de Madrid is signed, indicating that the river bought 50% of the card for 3.5 million euros, but not to sell it in January, in 2019, 14 million euros or more , Another 25% needed to buy 3.5 million. If the operation is complete, the normal account will be $ 51.3 million.

Recent numbers are intensely contradictory with the economic initial policy that priority was given when Leadership came to the club in economic disaster. Thus, from December 2013 to June 2017, in seven different markets of different countries, approximately 38.4 million for 25 players in Nenase. Figure which looks small today.

And in the transportation area? In the same period, 21 players were sold for US $ 107 million. Of these 15 came out of the lower, two in the management of Daniel Pesarrella and four 'D & # 39; Were included in Onporia. Thus, 36 nicknames have been added to the existing CD, which is the only one that has more recovery than the spent, the alarrias, sarachi and the & # 39; pt & # 39; Martinez, which has three great stripes in the relationship between Galdordo's football and economy.

This list includes Gaspar Service, Daniel Villavilla, Manuel Lennyzy, Tafilo Gutierrez, German Pozel, Ramiro Fuson Mori, Matthias Cenavetter, Victor Cabera, Emanuel Memmana, Edgar Alvarez Ballanta, Tomas Martinez, Gido Rodriguez, Giovanni Simon, Gabriel Merkado, Sebastian Drucci, Augusto Solaris, Arturo Minas and Fakundo Medina.

Gallardo, over time

The existing Gallardo will be the 10th pass market. In three and a half years it was faced with a very successful cycle with nine titles (six international and three locales), while one of the factors that most players have paid attention to during the purchase of the players is the DT. It has been its success, it has also failed on many occasions.

How are your decisions? The first pass market – the winter of 2014 – was short: it includes Julio Chairini (500 thousand peso from the institute) and Leonardo Pisulkiki ($ 500 thousand from Argentina), one of the biggest positive surprises in management. Then, in the summer, he & # 39; pt & # 39; Martinez (40 million pounds for Hurricane for 80 million), time converted to the figure, and Camilo Mayada (1.5 million dollars for 55 million DNA), essential pillars. Pablo Aamir (free) also joined.

Six months later, there were four highly inquisitive players who never caught, and after one year they went: Nicholas Bartolo (10 million pesos for 50% of their pass), Javier Seviola (free), Taber Wooz (2) for his 70% pass 5 million dollars) and Luis González (free). At the same time, Lucas Elioyo (60% to $ 2.5 million in Cologne), one of the best purchases of the wheel, and Milton Kasko (85% for Newcastle 3 million dollars).

In the summer of 2016, two more sidewave appearances were added: Joakin Arzura ($ 60 million to Tigre for 60%) and Nicolas Domingo ($ 600,000 from Banffield), as well as Ignacio Fernandez (2.1 million dollars). 75% of gymnastics) and Ivan Alonso (260 thousand dollars from Nacional de Uruguay). Andreas D'Alessandro also came on loan for a year ($ 400,000 for Inter d'Porto Allegro).

The winter of 2016 was the most controversial pass market, because only George Morrea (2.5 million dollars from Olympia) and slightly enricized Bologna (free) was accepted. Other four players have never stepped down: Evan Rossi ($ 2 million for Banffield pass), Luciano Lolo ($ 3.5 million), Marcelo Lerranoño (Rosario Central 3.3 million dollars) and Arturo Mine (70.7% to 2.7 million dollars Independient del Valle ). All with greater grief than pride.

After that, in the summer of 2017, he only bought Carlos Auzky ($ 2.7 million from Estudiante), another soccer player who is no longer there, and he added irregular work Aerial Rojas (free) in his second cycle.

Thus, the last 11 players added between July 2017 and January 2018 broke the panorama. Apart from De La Cruz (30% to 4 million in Danube), still without its potential squeezing and lux (free), the rest surrendered, most are America's pillars of victory and have shown why Gallardo chose them. Now it will be time for a new challenge.

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