Sunday , May 9 2021

After the knockout of Ukrainian Alexander Goozhidik, Adonis Stevenson is in "serious position".

It was much more than a knockout. The blow of Alexander Goozhski He did not keep Edonis Stevenson's title, he risked his life. The Haitian boxer of the Haitian-American is in intensive care, as his representative said in a statement.

41, who faced youth Ukraine in Quebec, was in search of the world's crowning tenth exhibition, but his young challenger had finished it and forced the referee to stop the fight. Stevenson, the world heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), ruled from June 2013.

Yovan Mitchell, One of the closest people to boxers, is the report that "Stevenson" is a "serious condition" due to the war of waves due to a serious crisis.

41-year-old Stevens had previously put his opponent in trouble with a violent left cross, but Govajdik came back and defeated her opponent in the third round before defeating her opponent in eleventh.

Ukraine holds its unbeaten line by 13 knockout, with a win of 16.

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