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Alberto, Cristina, San Martin and Argentina Uncertain – 08/17/2019


The first thing that can be predicted by STEP Forecasters do not predict very well In Argentina

No one was successful.

An invisible wave created an impenetrable political country.

Again an excellent justifiable formula seems to have worked: two power.

Diracis is a classic example of Peronism: Perrin and Avita. Perrin and Isabel. Nestor and Cristina and now Cristina and Alberto. In theory, everything is a joy in the celebration of political weddings that have reunited them.

They came back. But who came back?

Because they are two. And not Alberto Cristina.

He was as sharp a critic as a sackGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

However, later, and in the election work, Casa Rosada formed a contradictory, complementary, and underestimated pair.

The tyranny seems to have worked in principle with the queen mother in her spiritual monarchical role: she rules but does not rule, and Alberto is in an earthly conflict of politics.

The future co-existence of both of these which encouraged Hit the election with a Mac That is a crucial question. If they win, whom will La Campora be secondary to?

Him or her?

There are some gangsters and corrupters who also wait anxiously: Will they be forgiven, freed, released?

Does Victory Eliminate Corruption?

Will justice be fair or will it be nothing?

This Stupidity Which was in vogue for the better part of the operation of the fundamentalist Christianity, which did not harm the Vice-Presidential candidate.

It remains unshakable. Cristina reigns for her church's impenetrable faith, who loves her, whatever she does.

She was the mystical promoter of strength or emotional resurrection.

It has immense power.

Through Kisiloff, his political deity, he defeated Maria Eugenia Vidal in the province.

Alberto Fernandez did not leave behind. He also added strength and increased Christina's electoral ceiling. The displacement of expectations and references, the parade of businessmen and politicians who count on its ultimate victory, is clear.

But in these cases everything is possible.

In the meantime, the dome of the Diosdado Cabello hangs its tail, highlighting the inherent potential among STEP winners. He understands that Alberto is no Chavista and he overturns the advice: "Don't think they like you."

The tragic Bolivarian revolution embraces Christianity that adorns Nicholas Maduro.

The story progresses and stays the same.

The past is past and it never finds itself equal.

But nevertheless it is important to remember.

Today is August 17, the anniversary of the death of Gusto, José de San Martin. It was also a Saturday in the Boulogne sur Mer.

He fought for Spain. He was wounded in Baillon.

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He felt that something very deep in America was getting bored with the deep. He crossed the sea, Pampa, and sailed on the Andes. He fought in San Lorenzo.

He was beaten in the Raida court. He did not lose faith. He succeeded in the knife and mipo. He freed Chile. He sailed across the Pacific. He also freed Peru. He died at the hands of his daughter Mercedes, without a penny. When he realized he was leaving, he said, "It's exhausting to death."

It is worth remembering the meaning of Mercedes' motives that we all learned in school: … to love the truth and to hate lies, to respect the poor, to hate luxury, to love country and freedom.

From that day until today, Argentina He ignored it with crazy frequency The message of those basic examplesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The truth has been twisted by Dimagogi many times.

Help the poor Often painted by clientelismGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Luxury has not been neglected by many who are corrupted by the excesses of greed, but it has intensified. Freedom was again curtailed by tyrants, famous people, stupid arrangements and various empires that increased inequality, which unfortunately undermined the expansion of rights and the division of power.

San Martનેn wrote while taking charge of Peru's defense: "While I have the satisfaction of resigning my command and delegating my actions to the representatives of the people, I am convinced that none of them will be found in my administration. Equality, dictatorship and corruption characteristic of the Spanish government agents in the United States ”.

Colonial leadership generally demands gold, silver, and recoveries for the Crown.

They were then successive and wholesale imitators of immorality.

Now, when we are faced with a thorn full of uncertainties and difficulties again, it would be good to remember that excellence, that talent, that courage, that toughness and that greatness.

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