Tuesday , August 3 2021

Alberton – They identified the couple who died in a devastating shock in Dario La Provincia SJ

In the early hours of Sunday, a cruel struggle took a couple of lives in Alberda. They were burnt inside the car and leaving the cabin without wearing a seat belt were seriously injured.

The police identified them as legal age both Cristina de Cara and Walter Rodriguez, and settled in Santa Luca. He was a member of the well-known ophthalmologist and specialty clinic in our province.


Audi vehicle traveling from Italy Street to Ignacio de la Rosa, lost control and impact by the explosion of the tree manufactured by everyone and the subsequent car. In effect, a woman abandoned several meters away. The driver died of burnt. The woman had survived for a few hours and was able to transfer her to Ravson Hospital, where she finally died.

Volunteer firefighters from Alberdaño and Albertan worked on the Article 18 site. Criminalism also interferes and Justice was involved.

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