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Alexandra Pradon spoke about the version which suggests that when she was with the river's players, she fell from the balcony


Alexandra Pradon talks about his collapse on the seventh floor (Video: "Ph, Podium's Hubbar" – Telegraph)

Early March 15, 2004 Allegra Pradon He experienced one of the most difficult episodes of his life He fell from the seventh floor of the building where he lived, In 1925 in Mendoza, after the argument of who was his boyfriend, Fabrica Lalla. In fact, almost unprecedented media had shaken before that all the rumors that it had originated before I will be with the crew of the river, Which is used to make parties on the first floor of the assumption.

The truth is Pradon She had fractures and multiple injuries and was run on her hip. Due to the fact, an attempt was made to kill Lala He spent 55 days in Marcos Paz Prison, But then he was fired by a judge Wilma Lopez, For lack of evidence.

Star always rejects the facts, however, the rumors associated with the players are always going on. But last Saturday, during his visit to the program PH, we can speak, Former Vendet Give a version of what happened.

According to her testimony, she saw Lallana at the end of the week, because she worked a lot during the week. When he arrived on Monday, she asked him to return to Cordoba, where she was, but he stressed to stay. For that reason, he talked to his mother He recommended that he threw his clothes over the balcony So it has to go down to find it, and it will use it to lock the door.

"I asked him to find a job … and the mother would say to me: 'throw it on the balcony and put the key on the door.' That was the way I had some time, it is for me, the parents, this is the fault Buggy: It's the one who did not teach anymore because the parents did not teach them, I've thrown things on it for a month, two months, four months … And that was what happened to me in a moment. "Pradon said to Pradon.

According to her testimony, it was not bad, but the man pulled her back to the apartment to hide: "After the fall, she had to put her purse to put the first thing on the door. She caught me and broke my glasses. I used to care hard with poisonous red blood cells, all bleeding. I always say 'I was Jesus Christ' & # 39;. And he said: "For me it will be necessary to reopen the cause ".

In addition, he announced that the man was not the only one, but the neighbor who heard the sound heard the voice: "He hid me, I say that the judge is investigating. That person is the worst thing in my life. If I fall then I will not die, I will die because I hurt him or hid me. "

While Andy Cusenzoff, The driver of the telegraph wheel advised him about the versions that suggest that he would spend the night with the soccer players from the river, answering the Pradhan: "There were many bad peopleOn the basis of Alejandra Pradon, Lukarr was boring, terrible, Because the only story was that I count. When he searches, he breaks my ball too. "

In that sense, he gave his version of why the version was associated with the players. for that, Jose Maria AguilarAt that time, the river's chief was connected with what happened.

"After the administration of my home administrator, after two or three years after that I was told that & # 39; is an educator & # 39; and told me this story: the best players in the river sold them and they & # 39;You are running the ball with Pradon, it is convenient to sell you& # 39; And there he sold a lot, And it's been a lot", Were the words of the former Vedat.

Andy Cusenzoff asked them: "You are saying that the players do not want to sell and they He told them what they were selling because of what they were saying?"

And the guest specifies: "She sold for a short time and served too much together. It's a version of people that came to me. The truth is that everything is very ugly. "

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