Friday , January 22 2021

An 88-year-old ironman opposed the robbery, disarmed the thief and killed him

In the last hours, a thief, 88-year-old hardware store San Fernando went to rob his business in the city of Buenos Aires. The bodyguard was arrested after the crime Some meters around, Where he was "bell".

Juan Bautista Blanca, after entering his 28-year-old man, attended his hardware store on Arnoldi Street in 1600. When the two men were alone and thieves He threatened it with a knife To demand that he carried out the money, the people of iron opposed it.

In the middle of the conflict, Blancos succeeded in disappointed the criminals and attacked them with their own knife. He clothed him in the chest and later provoked him Another cut in the neck Who almost killed him in this law.

Police arrested a girlfriend of stealing Veronica Francesca on the charge of arresting her Try this attack mate. The 31-year-old woman was excluded from the business waiting for her partner.

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