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Andre Kalamaro, recently said: "I have found myself in the past two years"

What prompted you to release this new album?

A good question, because we're recording another album, because we have a very long way of producing special guests, so when the album finishes, it depends on us. We did that awhile well, I wrote songs and sent them mails immediately after sending them mail. German (Waidemer), And wrote songs with me. This year we began to find songs, and we began to record models, sketches, and demos. A very good musicologist has helped us Martin Pomace, Read the guitar and provided a good sound side for the recordings in this house.

– what did you sing today

This is a good question. Many things motivated me to write letters. For example, I did not meditate on the Bible either secular or theocratic viewpoint. I found some interesting moments there: My own theories and my misconceptions about the Bible. I'm very interested in World War II. Sometimes passages. For example, I went to a story in Palermo, which I like to buy records, and in Carl Honduras, I came there, and I saw a sign: "I'll be back in five minutes." That night we wrote "I'll be back in five minutes". These are the songs that have been omitted from the album, but there is a style that breaks you out there.

– In the song "Las Rimas" you say: "Love in the love of Abruzzo has coverage, but it does not fill it out." ¿Why is that

My true style was talking about love during the Netifix period. He said earlier that many children were born after 9 months when there was no televised light. the reason TV watching is not a difficult task. And Netflips love the time and right? I mean, visuals in phones and tablets; It's easy to get home alone. Often someone says, "I want to do these things voluntarily."

¿What is love like the age of 57?

– God. You know A 57-year-old man was alone, alone. One thing is singleness and the other loneliness. For 56 years, During the last two years, I've been there for myself. Lonely and convinced me; It convinced me, yes.

– I convinced myself. That is, It's nice to be aloneHow to wear the same trouser a few days in a row Love leads us astray. Remember that love is a word. That is, There was a lot of talk about love, we do not know what it is. The heart is a great and very important activity. It is to spread the blood through our body. The mind is willing to beat the heart for 200 years, but there is no human body with a heart. I believe that the heart will soon cause our emotional disruption.

– Somebody else speaks of your songs as a valuable life. Is that how it represents you?

– He represents me If he thinks of me, I do not know. I was thinking this text I am writing Women's power to get things done.

– No, no, I do not explain that. I'm not talking about feminist empowerment. I am talking about a woman's talents about her steps. For example, I do not know … Mama Hari.

Andrrews Kalamaro's "Sharp Satans"

– Are you often falling into that trap?

I do not know. Write down one or two times, write a song.

¿How do you think as an artist

When I started, I was not a singer myself, very little. Initially, when I was young, I wanted to be a great musician who could play with other great musicians. Well, let me play really close Bitto WastelandUruguayan musician, and later Miguel Aboullo, Chari Garya. My expert was the keyboard, or a good element, the good friend of the tour, you can sing; Everything helped. Another piece of music, making songs, making songs, and only keyboard. Do not exaggerate the significance of the words, not the artist. It's one thing to put one's abilities on your own, and to record your own records. So I was writing more. The first album with 100% of my lyrics No one comes out of hereIt was recorded at 88. I'm not a teenager 30 years ago; I was about 25 …

At that moment you were scared?

– are you scared? The police feared it has already passed. I was a teenager full of difficulty in the country. When I was afraid of violent military dictatorship, the pressure of boys who did not work in politics had a lot of pressure. Going at night, going to a result with friends, anything can happen. Sure: Sometimes something happened. When I first recorded an album, I was 16 years old. On the symbolic signature of the contract we remember, and we celebrated again. On that day they took me to me for a drug trafficking unit in Karl-Hourogo, Porto Madero, the Drug Addiction section. If I feel scared, I do not know what it is but it is a bit worse, perhaps even inevitable. We've had no time for anyone to name it: "Andrews", "Andreas", so they did not put us in an agenda that brings us to the police in the first and last names.. It sounds complicated, but it was our daily routine. I learned to fear.

Personally, the fear that your songs do not seem to make your life smaller? Have you ever wondered?

– My life is too long, but 25 years ago it was just a matter of fear. I thought: "With 60 years, where should I stay, who will eat me?"

Do not worry about your career success …

He wanted us to record a record recorded for no, not 20 years old. "I have already recorded a record!" All of that was amazing, relieved Miguel, Charley, and the respect of my colleagues. We are introduced to each other … This is not a thousand years, but it's 900, is it true? 40 years Many of our comrades lost in battle, but many of us are still standing together.

– What's the hardest you can earn?

– This is a complicated question to ask One who honors the law of the least effort, like the only law. I mean, I am I have a very bad silenceAnd then travels and tours are not difficult, but it's not easy, because I'm not these people, now sleeping. After a tradition, sleeping is difficult; That's hard. Before using your clothes, you spend two hours using a television. The first thing to do is happen. That's hard. Maybe I should really think of things that are hard, right? But look, you ask me something terrible, I do not know what to answer for you. You can answer a difficult thing. I have no idea

– Do they think about you?

– And … I already do a little wallet. I know my artistic and political tendencies. Anyway, I feel intellectual and good friends, people who know me agree, I think …


– Yes, there's something happening here in Spain than me. I do not know if my oath about the integrity of the calf can be understood here. I am Argentine, but I am Spanish, I am very proud of you. even though, Spain has a king, I like to see bulls. Yet Spain likes these things They throw me a little bit on the right side of the spectrum and make an allegation of fascism, which is nonsense. I laugh: Feminism in socialism, I was educated as an atheist … but I do not care.

¿Can not you happen in Argentina?

-In front, In many barriers he said, (Domingo Faustino) said to him, "Very goodAs such, he waited for his comments that he had constantly raised in order to respond and refuse. Today he was a very interesting person to say something very interesting … but i'm proud of those who criticize me. They criticize me for what I believe. Friends, the things I save. I believe that because they hate me, I defeat the failure because I do not know what success is. Y The day I fail I will benefit for creative relaxation. It's time to write more songs the day I fail.

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