Friday , July 30 2021

Anne Noticesia – A case of rabies has been discovered in bats

In this area dogs and cats will be vaccinated in the vicinityBefore the introduction of Rabies case in our city, Brotology is responsible for taking appropriate precautions.

Last week at 1100 GM, a bat with alleged rabies was found in Grimaldi, Which was in contact with pets without vaccinations. Due to what happened to the Director of Brotomatology, the municipal sent copies to zoonosis avellaneda from where the virus was confirmed.

As is done in these cases, Bramatology staff in collaboration with the cenasar creates a barrier to the ring around 200 meters instead of the detection of the bat. This barrier includes homeless vaccinations for dogs and cats, in areas covered by Avda. Trejjodor, Avenida Junin, Rufino Fal and Kellé 19.

The blocking functions will start from 5.00 pm on Thursday and this Friday will continue until the radio is over.

It should be noted that any pet who does not have a valid vaccination certificate will be given the vaccine without exception.

Anti-rabies vaccination days

It is necessary in these cases to follow anti-rabies vaccination plans for our pets: It is free and compulsory. The new day of immunocompromising will be conducted by Bromatogia on Saturday 24 in the city of Sierras Beas, located in two posts for this purpose: located in the central plaza of a town and the other is located in the fire department in the plant.

Those who want to contact their pet to obtain Rabies vaccination, they are 9am to 1 pm. As long as: Only dogs are requested to transfer with collar, chiselled and fatigue and transfer with cats in cages.


If a bat is found, alive or killed, it is advised that it will not touch. Suggest Bromtologia (Tale 02284 – 423737) so that it is a technology that pulls it back and sends it to the laboratory for analysis.

In the case of bitter pain, do not take wounds, alcohol or other pesticides from many waters and soaps, and quickly go to the nearest health center to evaluate by the doctor.

When prescribed, human rabies vaccine should be applied immediately after exposure.

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