Saturday , January 16 2021

Apple confirmed that some iPad Pro is folded into aluminum body, but claims that it is "not common and no fault"

For some days, Apple's production platforms began to look like unusual activity like McCummurs or Redit, where many users found out that their new Introducing a slight curve in the iPad Pro framework, Because they were afraid that we could get new & # 39; bandgate & # 39; Were before.

This was sharper than the release of a video released by JerryRigEverything, where the iPad Pro was subjected to rigorous testing where the device was finished in half without much effort. Keeping this in mind, Apple has faced, but the surprise is that he has admitted that yes, he Some are coming out with the "Light Fold" from the iPad Pro factory..

New & # 39; Bandgate & # 39;

Speaking with The Weerg, Apple confirmed that some models of iPad Pro 2018, 11 and 12.9 inches, both have been sent to customers. "A little bit of aluminum chassis", Which will be "side effects of the production process", which may adversely affect the performance of the iPad or do not anticipate timely commits.

According to Apple, this fold is due to metal and plastic cooling process during its production This bending product defect will not be countedAnn. Apple has mentioned that the iPad Pro which represents this turn, does this when they leave their box, so they are not seeing the passing time.


About JerryRigEverything's video, Apple also mentioned it Concerns about the "structural rigors" of the iPad Pro are "incomplete", Because today they have not experienced unusual activity in production returns, which will remain in the "normal" category.

According to the information, there are some cases which come to support and cope with the diagnosis that lead to "accidental damage", so they are asked to apply deductible in addition to the Apple Care + warranty. Considering Apple's response, this should not be applied in case of borrows.

The users who have the iPad Pro 2018 with this "turn", have the option of requesting a refund in accordance with applicable law in each country where the company's products are sold. What is not known is that whether Apple will accept compensation, which has already lost the return window or in their countries this is not an option. We pay attention to any news.

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