Monday , May 29 2023

Ardusso achieved the best result at the Gálvez – El Eco race


Facundo Ardusso wants to use the last lap of the Super TC2000 season as a springboard to reduce the distance with Agustín Canapino at the top of the championship and reach the final date in Córdoba with specific chances to protect the crown. in the category.

At least, this Las Parejas pilot showed yesterday at the "Oscar y Juan Gálvez" race track in Buenos Aires, where he also made pole position with the Buenos Aires-born Mariano Altuna for the Sunday race. At 11.35, with a duration of 60, or about 200,220 kilometers.

Renault Sport's Fluence champion, the fastest Ardusso in the first stage of the classification, when he dropped the 8th Buenos Aires highway record, set up 1m 18s 521/1000 time in the finals of the season and the Super TC2000 fourth pole He urged.

"I'm very confident and want to win tomorrow." We worked on the car all weekend and the Mariano (Altuna) signals were very important. The two points of the classification are very important and they come very well, "said Ardusso, on Red From Green.

He also said: "I think there will be different alternatives tomorrow, and there is no room for the mistakes, they are very confident because the car has regained its level, it has improved a lot in the first half of the year, who for a long time, usually I like to finish competitions but I do not care .

The second place in the ranking was the bomber of the other team of the diamond branded by Buenos Aires Emiliano Spataro and "Josito" Di Palma, another Fluence.

In the third place, a duo was completed that was at least one of the great candidates who animated the test created by Mat Peas and José María "Pechito" López, who Del Corso's leader is Del Viso's leader.

The two points for Ardusso stacked 179 points and 17 units of Canapino in the championship. Third, with 172 units, Leonel Pernia. The tandilense, who shares Renault Fluence and Norberto Fontana, was the 7th. the ranking leader stands at 0.987 / 1000 pole and is trying to compete well today to avoid losing his odds until the title is lost.


1. Arduous Facundo (Renault Fluence) 1: 18,521

2. Emiliano Spataro (Renault Fluence) to 0.462

3. Matías Rossi (Toyota Corolla) in Race 0.605

4. Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet Cruze) to 0.848

5. Mariano Werner (Peugeot 408) for 0.920

6. Bernardo Llaver (Chevrolet Cruze) for 0.966

7. Leonel Pernia (Renault Fluence) to 0.987

8. Facundo Chapur (Citroen C4) 1.034

9. Néstor Girolami (Peugeot 408), 1,204

10. Santiago Mallo (Honda Civic) to 1.768

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