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Argentina discusses implementing prip, a tablet that helps prevent HIV

Argentina is estimated to have 129 thousand people HIV, 20% of whom do not know. According to the latest data released by the Directorate of AIDS and the ETS of the National Health Ministry, unhealthy sex is the main way of transmission.

As a strategy to reduce the number of new infections, the director will start a pilot project to implement pre-exposure prophylaxis (prep, in English) for its accuracy. In this preventive therapy, "there are people who do not possess HIV, but who have practices, which can expose them to the transmission of the virus, take antiretroviral medicine that reduces the chances of acquiring it", they explain. Guest Foundation.

History of the application that can save lives due to HIV

"Next year, we told the profiles of prip's pilot test at the country level with 500 people, with the NGO, the Directorate of Aids of AIDS and the Argentina Society of Infectious Diseases." Miriam BurgosUnderwriters of communication, communication and transmissible and immune diseases. The aim is to start in March, however, the project is still in the preparation phase. "We give a test in Argentina to make a decision and support what the world says," he analyzed.

Currently the pipes used are included in the same tablet – Inofovir and Amtricitaben – a mixture of two drugs. This treatment has already been approved in forty countries but not in Argentina. The World Health Organization gives people a higher risk of infection (Men and women who have sexual relations with transsexual) connect with condom use, as the treatment does not protect against other sexually transmitted diseases. International studies on prism, which covers more than 20,000 people – such as the trials of pride in England – show that when people take proper medicines every day, the risk of HIV infection decreases by 90%.

"The state is going to be implementing preventive treatment." Omar Sued, director of Fundamental Research, Clinical Research, said that this is a public health intervention that can actually change the epidemic, especially among younger gay people, where it greatly increases. According to the 2017 HIV / AIDS Bulletin, four new HIV diagnoses occur in males aged 20 to 35, who have unprotected sex with other men. As Primate has not yet been implemented in Argentina, Sude says that there are people who get medicine with 40% discount or bring it from abroad. But he warned that "they are not registered or well controlled."

Criticism In Argentina, HIV organizations have protested prop from the preventive measures as they can weaken other strategies and contribute to the health of healthy people. Matthias Munoz, member of the Positive People and Adolescent Network of Adolescents, Argues that "you can not analyze the implementation of the rest of the world" and warns that "talking again about the risk groups is to focus on specific people and re-thinking waste. It is a stigma that has a certain population Is there. "

The second question is to do with the cost. As a member of the UN as a member of the UN, Argentina is committed to reaching targets 90-90-90, which by the year 2020 has proposed 90% of people with HIV, 90% of them are treated and 90 are included. % By pressing the viral load: "Reflects on meeting budget and public policy goals in the context of Argentina."

However, for experts, the cost is related to the issue. Sued said, "Preppe is very cheap to give high risk to more than their treatment." According to Marcelo Losso, Head of Immunompromised Service at Ramos Magia Hospital, We have to put a prize in the context of joint prevention. "It is important to understand that it is one more strategy that results to certain types of populations," he concluded.

A call to the leaders

World AIDS Day celebrates with the G20 Summit in Argentina. However, HIV is not on the agenda. With the support of United and Global Funds to fight joint United Nations program for AIDS and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, Fundusion Hughes is promoting campaign to end global commitment to leadership and pandemic. HIV / AIDS To do this, they will do an installation with the flag of countries participating in the meeting, which will show the need to keep an issue on the agenda with epidemic related statistics worldwide.

"If 90% of people with HIV knew their diagnosis, used the treatment and their viral load was not diagnosed, It will be possible to control the HIV / AIDS epidemic in ten years. This is the responsibility of the world leaders and it is not an impossible goal because in many countries, resources like testing, treatment and improvement in the quality of life of people living with HIV. That's why we ask that we stop the avoidable death and put HIV on the agenda, "said Pedro Cahn, director of Fundusion Huespad.

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