Thursday , January 21 2021

Argentina is ranked 26th in the largest economies of the world

According to the IMF, due to slowdown and depreciation, GDP fell to US $ 475,000 million. For this year, the organism predicts 1.6% of the economy's fall.

Last year, the contraction of Argentine activity, which coincided with the deeper depreciation of the local currency, was replicated in the number of country's most important economies.

In 2017, in a year where GDP registered a growth of 2.9% The inflation-related dollar was too much behind, Because the currency increased 17% over the average increase in retail prices of 24.8 percent.

Due to these factors, according to the estimates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to estimates of Argentine GDP, Argentina's GDP was estimated at around $ 637,557 million this year, which gave Argentina the 21st largest economy in the world. According to Infobah, the World Economy Outlook in last October.

Last year, on the other hand, the incident was reversed: While inflation has reached 45% per year, the value of the wholesale dollar has increased 102%.

Both factors They measured the Argentine GDP in dollars, which went down to the level of $ 475,429 million, according to IMF estimates, which was 25.4% or $ 168,128 million lower than the previous year.However, the calculation of local economists is projected to decrease by 3% of product low in 2018.

From this group of great economies, there were few people who had reduced their dollar in GDP and Argentina had no part of the proportion of victims.

US Turkey has lost its s138,000 million, annual production loss of 16.2 percent. Due to its large current account deficit, Asian countries also went through a strong flow of capital with the sharp depreciation of Lira 28% throughout the year.

Due to the real depreciation of Indonesia (-1%), Iran (-1%), 14.5% in the previous year, there were 7% contraction measured in Brazilian GDP (US $ 1,145,757 million), Iran (- 0.1%) and Russia ( -0.1%).

In the past year, he moved Argentina through productivity Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and Thailand, whose GDP is between 600,000 and 420,000 million dollars.

By 2019, IMF estimates that Argentina's economic activity is another 1.6%So, with the 40th rank in the international ranking, the 30th place with GDP may fall from $ 40.8 million to the next four steps, Austria (US $ 469.661 million), Norway (464.463 million). ), United Arab Emirates (US $ 455,587 million) and Nigeria (US $ 447,013 million).

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