Friday , January 15 2021

Arnolt and 07/01/2016 – defeated a trader at his doorstep in Bernal

A 51-year-old man died during this early hours of Monday He could not get back from the attack On behalf of the band of the thieves, who came to his home in Clemson, Bernal.

Was identified as the victim Abel Leonardo Esposito And this event came to Avellaneda Street between Belgorodo and Lovell.

The most important evidence ever received is 61-year-old woman. Dilma is working for the family and lives at the bottom of the property. He said that there is a home coming between four to five thieves They were looking for "briefcase, money and other things".

He also made it clear that asapocents were tortured by criminals and in the same way, despite the help of Sam, he died a few minutes after the attack, which started this Monday at around 5 o'clock.

No in quizzes Two policemen from the crime scene had allotted police – 2 when they thought that the thieves were still there when they reached the house, while Esposito had already died and the maid got locked in a room.

After expelling the presence of criminals, a search for neighborhood homes started, which became negative.

A neighbor said that petrol is found but it comes in and steals. What is Esposito? Although he lives with his wife and two children there, the rest of the family is on vacation And these days I was with the employee only.

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