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Avoid an uncomfortable question from Julian Sereno's strategy

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December 2, 2018

The driver asked him about his former girlfriend, Aurea's Sabatini, and used an exotic method to get the artist.

After the break with Orrias Sabatini, Julian Cerano ended the most popular romance in young couples. Artists and singers separated in June 2017, and both got a new company with speed: when she started dating Paula Dabla, she became a boyfriend with Melanie Narve.

Argentine youth was present at Mirth Ligrand's event this Sunday and advised him to "watch out" his ex-partner. However, the media used an intelligent strategy to exit the road and to avoid the driver's question.

"You had a boyfriend with Ariya?" Diva and Sereno asked. "How many years?", Followed the questionnaire and replied: "Three years". Mytha deepened her questions and continued: "Is she beautiful, is not she?", And she had no option to say: "Praiseosa".

"But what I do not like is an economy, politics seems to me, but …" was the exit option chosen by youtube, which resumed the issue around G20, which was discussed earlier. "You saw that he has come back to this topic," la chiki said laughing.

"She has a very beautiful girlfriend," Rossi Marango told the artist to try to get out of the reckless questionnaire. However, the artist continued to say that he had not heard: "Because when you increase the tax …", he pretends to be distracted.

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