Thursday , August 18 2022

Banks have earned 8 per cent of profits for sending Facebook from overseas


They doubt that they are stopping

They believe that the laser functioning through the central government is more expensive. Sandaleris aimed at three components. Invite attention

That was it a The secret a Sounds Inside That Market Economics What is That The bank Central Come onKeya Watching That Move, Quizas Small Verbose, In it Three Institutions Inside Especially in the What is They were Recognized This is one Operative In it Drink prNoLoans With Your In homes Matrix For Please That "Cycle Economics" With That Letters In it Liquidity (Lelik) Disassembled That Power cash flow. Nothing Illegal: They searched Maximize That Generous Rate What is To pay Guido Sandler's And Please Its Own Business.

It was to ask for loans from their parents when they came to the local market. (That is to reduce the foreign exchange rate). Then he sold them and moved to Pesos to make profits. Faster

The phrase they have achieved is not accurate. As IProfesional has learned, banks have achieved 8% profit, for this "handler". How did this work? Foreign exchange made this calculation much easier:

70% Because it was a great inspiration for some time ago (in the long run of the operation that has not decreased)

They reduced future dollar coverage What should they do to secure their "exit" dollars after lease on pens on letters?

– that is all they didHide the interest rate of the loan made by the parent, Usually 7% per year (Libor rate)

Banks say they have no 8% profit in 30 days or 60 days profit.

Forward, they will reveal in them, This operation will depend on the level of the centrally closed fees to continue. It determines whether it is business or not. At the end of the day, it makes transactions even more expensive, but it does not stop there.

"The penny's amount is seven per cent for a passozos switching to pasosou and buying a merchandise You get more than 2 points. That means you will be 9%. There is no death", And they are assigned to iProfesional from another foreign company that operates in Argentina.

As the news of the tax deductions of the BCIA emerged, the dollar had risen, but returned to normal, increasing the total market share by 10 cents (Wall Street and other assets of Argentina).

"The FIG The problem Is What is That Rate Uan Unarmed. And then That Business Ua Is given Way That Levels Height What is To pay That Central when Not at all That Foundas Inside That Rest In it That Assets. when That's it That's it Stabilize Leavea In it Oh Business" RecognizedOr not

The Central Bank understands this and reduces the level of Lekih to a steady growth. It has fallen to 66.65% from the maximum 73.50%.

The official objective is to continue the market testing of this financial cost. But Whether through a strong faith or business, Guido Sandleris ask for forgiveness. "We believe that the central bank must keep alert to lower interest rates, slow down and consolidate That was what, "they warned.

In the meantime the BCRA repeatedly began to build customs (mistakenly) restricting some corners.

"There is nothing in this law that limits the free movement of capital. This range does not affect the likelihood of any resident or resident individual to set a fixed timeframe or take a lock-up, "a spokesman for sandler's spokesperson said.

According to the central calculation, the A6595 is a one-sided monetary policy that requires financial institutions to meet the needs of various types of funds.

"That's it To eliminate One DistortionOr notn What is Still existsKeya And What is Not at all YesKeya The meaning Inside That Treatment Inside tNoTerms In it The lace In it That Different Directions In it Finance In it That Banks. A Way In it For example, Yes a Bench That's it Anchor Inside That P With One InaugurationOr notn The price (On) Inside dOr notLeisure time a Less In it 30 dKeyAs, YesKeya What is Put it on a 23% In it The lace. But Yes Inside Time In it Do it With One On What is hacKeya Accepting a prNoLoan, Not at all YesKeya What is Perform NoOhn The lace. This is one Measurement Editing That's it DistortionOr notn" They insisted From Reconquista 266.

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