Tuesday , January 19 2021

BCRA will resume ballet at a lower rate

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On Friday, the organization led by Gido Sandleris indicated in this context that Lelik's performance has dropped from 59.44% to 59.28%, which is not significant in terms of intensity, but it can give a message for operators. It is worth remembering that since October 1, the BCRA began implementing a new monetary policy plan based on aggregate variance, in which interest rate became an underlying converter, that is, it started adjusting based on supply and demand for money. With this new program, Antioch is committed to maintaining an average level of monetary base (about $ 1.276 billion) in September, with the objective of reducing inflation.

By December, it is expected that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) will be around 2.5% per month, according to a survey of market expectations, reaching 2% at the end of first quarter will gradually decrease. (REM). In addition, the floor and ceiling of "non-interference zone", during this period, will increase in the last quarter of the year 2018, below the 3% set, the monthly rate of 2%. Meanwhile, the exchange rate seems to have settled. Within the current levels near the area's floor, the difference in the surface above its surface surface can increase to $ 48.25. In any case, we must specify that the ruling party wants to avoid a new leak in the exchange rate to avoid new inflation in the future, like in the past year.

Last month, after reaching a maximum of 73.52% in late October, Central Bank was able to reduce the liquefied rate below 60%, but then it remained stable around 59%. Continuing to reduce the yield of liquidity bills, which will be attractive compared to the expected future inflation, will be a major component of gradually reducing the cost of financial expenditure in Peso. At present, the Treasury Palace pays 50% returns to place debt in the local market. But, in addition, it is a good sign on the face of elections, indicating that inflation is still in the process of recession.

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