Monday , January 25 2021

Becky Jeanie Blessed Holiday in Colombia: "Baby"

The success of Becky GA "Sean Pijama" and the beginning of the year, with friends staying at the rest of the day and on the transparent beaches of Colombia.

Becky G. After her success with Bad Bunny, "Seniors", she became world-famous. From there his career started a promotion and there is no roof in it.

With the help of American singer, her successful "Sean Pijama", the year 2018 was great Nati Natasha. This year the artist was also in our country and was one of the invited coaches to take part in the "La Voices" program.

The gift that Becky G wants, and Santa has approved it

That's why after a very intense year, I needed a good vacation and for that I chose the transparent beaches of Puerto Galitas. Colombia.

From your official Instagram account, Becky G, Some followers shared a few moments with their followers, climbed the story of the boat and then saw on the shore along the life jacket, which uses the word "Babyz".

Other images shared by Singer Sentenced to: "Hello Colombia. Hello 2019" and it looks super sexy on the coast. Photo quickly crossed 944 thousand likes Success!

And if that is a question of success, Beki Jee, he has released the song remix of Maluma "Mala Mia"Already 10 million opinions have been exceeded with Anita and Video Clip.

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