Sunday , August 1 2021

Bitcoin price forecasts


On Friday, the Beatonin markets were again reduced, this article touched $ 4200. There is a considerable amount of mental and possibly structural support on the market of $ 4,000 on the market, so I was not surprised to see a rebound from here. However, in general, I think that rallies should still be sold and it is difficult to imagine the scenario in which the purchase can be maintained. Honestly, there is nothing on the horizon to support this market.

If we break down under $ 4000, it will open doors at $ 3,500 and probably go up to $ 3,000. It will not be that I will start buying this market till we get 50 days of EMA back in daily closing, which will benefit about 50% of this point. In other words, I think bubble defaults persist and we'll be on many lower levels.

The biggest problem with bitcoin now I can see that no one is using it. In other words, there will be no demand and there is some conspiracy to see how many people believe that there is no conspiracy to reduce the value, so that all "whales" can interfere and buy at a cheap price. It suggests that maybe people who went for $ 20,000 would be smarter than other merchants. Everyone will have to pay attention to the graph and understand how smart it is to go from 20,000 to 4,000 in the market.


I have read some articles recently, which suggests that bitcoin was not used as a payment method even when the market was in the background. I think the legend has broken down, because it has never been a solution to financial transactions. Sales of all rallies are still the way to go from what I can see.

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