Wednesday , July 28 2021

Black technical days: Apple sinks and sinks in the US stock market

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In the last week, the fall of stock market values ​​of large technical companies declined in the United States's main stock market. This was the most impressed Apple.

Analysts and media said that Apple's shares are $ 230 and now they are trading below $ 180, and their fall has resulted in a rebound effect on the rest of the technology panels.

The technology company was the first US company to have a market value of $ 1 billion, but in recent weeks, it has not stopped losing its value. According to the BBC World Report, there are four main reasons for the bad times of the Mananjita company.

The first person will have to worry about investors selling iPhone because the introduction of new product lines is not translated into high sales at the moment. The recent announcement of the decline in the production lines of iPhone XR, XS and XS Maxxone contributed to the peace, which was added by the decision to stop reporting Apple's iPhone, iPad and quarterly sales of other products. He suspected that he would hide something.

Despite the problems in the economy, Apple's high price can keep the company open, the second reason is that in recent years the company has stopped reducing the sales of smartphones. Its value, which allowed it to earn record profits, despite the contraction of the industry. But the forecast of the slowdown of both the global economy and the US light alarms lights is the cheapest facility on the company's health, with the newest iPhone line's cheapest device being US $ 750.

The third reason is that there is confidence of investor confidence on expected income for the services provided by the company. Apple drew attention to its services, which included ApplePay, App Store and Apple Music, which is being developed as the next source of growth, with which it will earn $ 50,000 million in profits. However, it is not clear whether high sales of services compensate for less device placement. Shareholders are skeptical of the lack of official declaration about the company's plans to participate in television and movies and its intentions to be involved in the healthcare industry.

After all, there is a trade tension between the United States and China to control import tariffs. And that is the region of Greater China, which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, is the source of 20% of the company's profits established by Steve Jobs, which is also dependent on production in that field, however, at the moment, your products are exempt from tariffs.

In this context, Apple is not the only technical who suffers. Facebook shares have fallen 5% in recent days, influenced by new versions of the use of social networks to influence the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the 2016 presidential election.

Anvidia was one of the major technical companies affected by economic results, which did not follow the prediction, and its share declined by 11%. The condition by bitcoin (cryptocurrency does not stop and those chains are more than important) does not help retrieve the DVD, the local media says.

Amazon and Google also suffer: The top 25% market value was lost on its peak in September, and its peak in July has dropped 20% in the second, according to CNN.

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