Monday , August 15 2022

Boca vs Patagono: Time, TV, Superliga Best Performance by Mindo, Best Sports Website in Cordoba


Mouth Accept Board On Saturday 13 th of the first match Superliga. Xeneize will be screened at La Booboore in 17.10 TNT sports.

Guiwlermo Barros Shelotto Whether it comes from one week, this game will focus on many prominent players Great final of Copa Libertadores Before River. Carefully visible between them: Esteban Andrada, Julio Bafarini, Fernando Gago, Edwin Cardona, Mouro Souretate, Carlos Tevez, Ramon Abe.

Giovanni Bustlis (not in the rosy list), Polol Goltz, Leonardo Balardi, Jino Percy, Augustine Heredia, Immanuel Mas, Augustine Almendra, Julian Chico, Immanuel Renzo, Gonzalo Lamardo, Kristian Espinosa and Matte Rettegi.

The party gives importance to it Belgoron, Paroneto was a permanent opponent who could win in La Baronárares, which would have overtaken the rate in the pirate.

Potential outlines

Mouth: Andrada; Peresi, Golds, Barde, Mass; Gogo, Almond, Cordona; Savare, Tevez, Espinosa. DT: Schelotto

Board of Trustees: Beretoli; Gemini, Sandanna, Vera, Ubervi; Leadsma; Lemos, carabazal, sprout, komas; Barceló. DT: Skia



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