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Boca's Micro-4/12/2018 Strict Approval That River Has Pledged For A Detained Partner For Throwing Stones

Images of the brutal attack on Boca Micro before the Copa Libertadores final match, which led to the suspension of the match and subsequently decided to transfer the match to Madrid, it still shakes the football world. Ten days after cruel, this was the first arrest on Tuesday because of this fact.

Many people throwing stone throwers on Matis Sebastian Fero, river companion and mouthpiece campus were arrested this afternoon, and in the meantime, the club warned in an official statement that the process will proceed further than the judges

The organization of Nunze warned that an internal summary has already been opened to suspend the shares as a partner, but subsequently it will claim directly Expel Of the club

The promise of restrictions from the river does not stop there: the club warns that it will also ask security agencies that the Freepo is on the right side to enter the football stadium.

Full text of the press release

"As a result of the invasion of the Boka junior players on the Tuesday Stadium in the Monumental Stadium, on December 4, the Judicial Investigation Corps identified an attacker and went ahead to attack him. Address and subsequent detention, which was filed by advocate Adriana Bellavigna, Criminal, Conventional and The probability of the charge of Missedeminor prosecutor office number 6 Was taken away.

Similarly, the Club Uttoo River Plate states that on the date, by its technical-legal department, it opened the internal summary and proceeded towards its immediate suspension.

It is said that the request for removal will be constituted as a member of the board of the board of directors and representatives of the members of the delegation.

On the other hand, the river's plate will ask security agencies that the invaders will be included in the right to access to the football stadium. "

Ticket repairs

The river also asked to return the ticket amount to the partners, who were going to attend the frustrated superfine in the monument.

By refusing to accept Conmball's decision to revenge on Madrid, he endorsed his lesson ("He decides, outside the club, is a continental competition and affects the conditions of conditions due to the loss of our position as a local", he warned), to return the money in various cases The following details were given below for the procedure.

– Partners who pay by credit card: The amount will be repaid by that amount during this month.

– The members who have paid cash: that amount will be refunded by social fees. A credit note will be made in the next week so that you do not have to pay the fee until you reach the full amount of the ticket. If you choose cash, you can find it on December 18, 19, and 20 through a club pad on December 10 to 18. It is important to note that the amount will be given only to the ticket holder, and the ticket must be delivered. Original purchase, photo card of ID card and membership card (daily fee)

– We have a credit card paid by the river: this month the sum will be refunded by this amount.

– International Association: You must send credit card information to [email protected] so that the club returns the entry amount during this month. Attach the following information (we will contact you shortly if you need additional information): 1. The name, alias and ID of the ticket owner.

2. The name, alias and ID of the credit card holder.

3. Bank and issuer

4. Credit card number.

5. Expiration.

Once the process is over, you will have a credit balance on your card with the amount you pay for your ticket.

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