Monday , May 17 2021

Can Climate Change Turn The Earth into Venus?

If climate change inspired by the Earth continues on earth, it can lead to irreversible results and can change the position of our planet as Venus.

Venus, Earth & # 39; s evil twins & # 39;, had the right conditions for life in the past, but brought a devastating climate change: the atmosphere started to spread too much heat and led to its death due to a large number of ozone pores. . Now it reaches the temperature on the planet More than 471 degrees Celsius.

If climate change driven by the human on Earth continues, it can lead to irreversible results and turn our planet into Venus, experts warn.

"I think Venus is an important warning: Greenhouse effect is not just a theory," Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum director Ellen Stoughnn and former NASA researcher told.

In fact, Venus has warned us about the weather threat already. According to Stauffan, studies on our neighbor planet led scientists to find ozone pores on the planet.

"A mirror that reflects the future of the planet"

A recent investigation by NASA scientists had already warned that in the future Earth could become a planet like Venus, With the clouds of sulfuric acid On the surface of the sky and high temperatures

Experts emphasized that "Venus is a magical mirror that reflects the future of the Earth", and emphasized the importance of the planet's investigation to predict our planet. "The knowledge of neighboring planets of our planet can reveal the general processes about how the planet's environment is developed – and over time, the colony may be lost -" space agency experts said.

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