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Candidates for change governors in the latest elections can not run for the National Office – 01/22/2016

Cambay's leaders will have to better measure their chances of achieving the goals they believe to be governed. Did the leadership of the party warn that there will be no room for speculation and those who declare their elections will decide to take part in the provinces. They can not then integrate candidates or national catalog.

Although the rumors of the decision had already been broadcast, the National Table Tuesday gave an official statement on Tuesday.

"In order to provide more transparency by the decision of relevant provincial governments in the framework of progress of provincial elections or by the constitutional order restrictions and procedures, Cambemos' founding parties have decided to decide who are the candidates Cambmos from Monday to its leaders and the text that became official this Tuesday morning. That is the governor national chime Taniomam can not choose to participate.

The note contains the references to the three founding parties of Cambemos: Maximiliano Ferraro (Civic Collision era), Hambroto Winter (PRO) and Alfredo Carnegie (UCR)

In this way, the party authority desires to order the prisoners arising out of various territories by closing the list.

Cordoba Probably this is a symbol, because the three heavy weight of Cambamos attempts to challenge the governorship to the parnist. Juan Wintre: Revolutionary Mario Negri And Macrista Hector BaladasiBoth deputies; They bid with the revolutionary Raman MesterMayor of the capital, Cordoba

In the case of losing the government, both Negri and Mayrest could not believe a bank in Cordoba.

Near the current head of the official Interlocked in Deputies, he says that he is able to renew his bank, although his party letter at the provincial level prevents him from going for another command because he can be secured under seals. Let's change, he was elected only once. However, they assured that Negri would make his promise and decision that he had updated his bank earlier in the month to not renew it.

The steps taken by the dome of Cambeimos also apply a symbolic limitation to the excitement of the drive Maria Eugenia Vital Not only to guarantee the victory of the President in the election of the Buenos Aires, but to reserve Mauriceo's book as an alternative letter in the national election, if the voting does not produce good expectations, then declare that space.

Likewise, for opposition to threatening Cristina Kerner's Double Candidate in the province and by Presidency; Presents a symbolic challenge on change.

till now, There are 10 provinces that will separate their elections from the national elections. The last of them was San Luis, who decided to call the provincial election on June 16.

La Pampa (which will open the calendar in February with the provincial PASS), Neuquen, San Juan, Chubut, Entre Rios, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Tukuman, Rio Negro and San Luis are the other districts to vote for the president.

In this context, Cornegee evaluated Mauricio Macri's request to integrate elections at this time, who wants to demand a fall in the President's image in the middle of the government's deliberate pressure.

Nationally, the date 11 August for Peso was established; For the general elections on 27th October, and on 24th November, for the second round, if a presidential candidate does not have the advantage of reaching the President in the first election exam.

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