Monday , January 18 2021

Cell phone plans will increase by 18%

The long list of rates and services has increased in the first month of the year, now cell phone plans have been added. That's the case Moviestar, Which is already communicating with its customers Average increase of 18% in fixed and mobile services – prepayment and postpayments – Which will be implemented from March 2019.

StaffMeanwhile, Its services cost an average 17% increase, Last week for its customer base, both prepaid and postpaid. Increase came into force on January 5, 2019. "This addition is essential General costs increase And the permanent requirement of expanding the infrastructure across the country, "he explained from the company.

From Claro, Which implemented its latest increase last year, said that their plans did not increase for the coming months.

Cell phone companies, whose rates are not regulated, are forced to announce their customers 60 days in advance. During the past year, They raised their service prices three times.

At the beginning of the year, some services will apply to their rates for months to come. Among them, this Minimum ticket for groups For the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, it will change from January 13 to $ 15, $ 16.50 in February and $ 18 (38.5% in total) in March. Besides this, service Water It will increase by 17% in January and 27% in May (48.5% total). Moves forward for this LightningIn the meantime, they will be applied disastrously: 26% in February, 14% in March and 4% in May and August.

In addition, a government increase of 5% in Kota is authorized Prepaid From February When Toll rate They moved 33% to the last Saturday, January 5 for the North and West entrance of the city of Buenos Aires.

Apart from services, some products with internal tax will increase their prices based on the CPI variation registered by the index. Like On Monday, January 7, the price will increase by 7% No Cigarettes, The owner of Malaboro Brands, was announced by Mascalene Particulars (which would cost $ 82 and $ 41 for 20 and 10 cigarette boxes respectively), L & M, Parliament and Philips Morris, among others.

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