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Changes in the DNA sequence, the key to remove Alzheimer's

Researchers at Buffalo University (New York, United States) have found a new approach that can restore memory to Alzheimer's patients.According to a predefined study published in the journal Brain.

"In this report, We have not only identified epigenetic factors that contribute to memory loss, but we can find ways to temporarily bring it back to the animal model. ", Chief researcher of the university's researcher Zen Yan, said.

The team discovered that by focusing on genetic changes due to non-sequence effectsIt was possible to remove the wastage of memory in n, epigenetic calls, mice.

Research model modeled with genetic mutation of Family Alzheimer's, Where more than one member of a family suffers from this disease, and brain tissues suffer from dead psychiatric patients.

Patients can not stop the information when Alzheimer's disease occurs primarily in epigenetic changes Recently learned and showed an emphatic cognitive decline.

The main reason for cognitive decline is the loss of glutamate sensors, Which are basic for learning and short-term memory.

"We found that many in Alzheimer's disease In frontal cortex, the subtypes of glutamate sensors are regulated below, Yan said that stimulating stimulating signs, which affect the memory.

Researchers found that The loss of glutamate sensor is the result of the epigenetic process that the persecutor is known as a histonic change., Which grows in Alzheimer's patients.

According to the authors, E.This "phenomenal" change of the Alzheimer-linked histon throws gene expression, A decrease in glutamate sensors, which leads to loss of the synaptic function and memory deficits.

Once these disorders are discovered, it inserts the compounds formed to prevent enzymes. Which regulates the suppressive retrograde histones three times in the diseased rodent.

When we gave this enzyme inhibitor to alzheimer's disease, We saw the defense of the cognitive function backed by the Valuation Values ​​Assessment, Space memory and operational memory, "the researcher said.

"We were surprised to see such a strong cognitive improvement"Added citation.

At the same time, The authors confirmed the expression of glutamate receptor and the recovery of the work Frontal Cortex

These improvements have gone a week, so Future studies will focus on developing compounds inside the brainMore effective and therefore more durable

When the body is used, muscle tissue is released Hormone Irisin, which enters the body in circulation and is capable of improving cognitive ability, The experts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and the University of Columbia (United States) studied mice with the disease.

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