Sunday , January 24 2021

Chrissy Morena declared strong words that Romana yana told her a month before her death

In an interview with Damien De Santo, Who was a friend and friend of the actress, the producer said that in that year there was a feeling of death and sadness.

"Have you seen something inside a mother?" Mother can understand how to understand, soul knows before, because the soul improves it elsewhere, and mother, mother knows … That year was a terrorist "When the driver commented Morphy, everyone on the table He asked if he could understand this tragedy.

"All year … I write about things about death. And it was one of my best working years … but the feeling was not with Romina and Tomas (YankeeLich). It was a feeling that I was dying and could not understand why. "She guaranteed.

Then he mentioned the death of Romine's first friend: "One month before Ronna, my children had a meeting with Ron's psychologist, I was in the theater and before McKenna's death, he was our musician, with whom I worked for 25 years. We were in the theater and it suddenly died. I almost died. I said & quot; this is & quot ;. But then I said that 'this is not a bad thing that was going to happen. & # 39; Makana died a month before Rocky, but suddenly a sudden"

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<img src = "" alt = "The emotional video of More More for Yankelich
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Chris Morena's Emotional Video for Yankville

In addition, he said that his son had condemned him for his dark emotions. "Romina was very angry. & # 39; You want to kill myself, Mom? Because you are working like a beast. Do you understand? "He would tell me, and I looked at him and I said, but he would tell me if you want to kill me, then take a decision, if you kill me."He related "Look at the topic, what was a month ago …" Chris Finish

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