Thursday , January 21 2021

Chronicles of Santa Fe and new cases of Hantyverus in the sink

The first case of Autochthonous Hentirus was registered on Tuesday in Santa Fe, when a new suspected picture appeared after 17 days without a positive diagnosis of the disease, which has already died 14 and affects six provinces of the country.

Infected Santaepas comes to the town of Esperanza and presents one "Good Medical Development", This morning confirmed the provincial health ministry, which clarifies the case "It's Not Relative" In the sink, with the spread of the EPU area it affects "Different varieties"

In addition, during this day it was reported that possible cases of a long-distance transmission of the mouse were admitted to the hospital in Acele and 29 positive reports were reported after the outbreak of December 29, in the province.

"In this morning, a new suspect in Hantavirus, admitted to the hospital, Zonal Esqual, from the city of Apu, who was under strict loneliness and home inspection", He said in a statement.

He added that there is still a lack of confirmation of the results sent to the Malbron Institute in Buenos Aires, although "The protocol indicates that the case is suspicious, because the patient has Fabulous syndrome between evolution of 48 to 72 hours.".

According to the latest survey, 101 residents of Chubat are in solitary confinement: 39 in APN, L Matten 33, in L. Hoyo, one in Collya, 12 in an Ascoll, four in Lagos, and nine in travelin.

In the records of these areas of the Andaman Komarka, we should include two other cases, which are separate from their homes at a distance of 700 kilometers to the eruption of the inconsolable city of Comodoro Rivadavia.

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