Friday , May 7 2021

Come to Heroa Santa! – The intransigent

On this afternoon, in Tukuman, Argentina was one of the most passionate classics of football. Sun Martin Ponce, Escada and "Tino" proved to be 2 to 0 with Costa's goals. With this result He gave Thetoko the opportunity to become the leader of the Super League and cut him out of ten non-playing games that he did not go home. Also, Won the visitor's position for the same amount mentioned earlier As it was not enough, This victory brought them out of the Registry Zone.

In Monumental José Fiero, Louis Rodriguez, sentenced to a fine and has a local advantage in 9 minutes. With this partial victory, Dean became the leader of the local championship by postponing the racing. It was the only time for the first time under the leadership of Ricardo Ziyilinsky. Historical comeback, will only come in supplement. However, before, local, gave another blow and proceeded on the scoreboard with both David Barbona

After 4 minutes in the second half The great feat will begin. Luciano Ponce The goalkeeper was resurrected in Christine Lücketti and his area Discount for Walter Quietet Set 27 o'clock, After an angle, Lucas Esseido matches the game's transition. But was not visited and it was for more. Alberto Costa took advantage of the bad start of Dean's goalkeeper to return the score and retain the classic Tucuman.


Atlatoco Tocumen: Christian Lukveti; Jose San Roman, Bruno Bianchi, Jonathan Kibral and Methias Eborro; Guillermo Acosta, Rodrigo Eleindo, Juan Mercier and David Barbona; Luis Miguel Rodriguez and Moro Matos. DT: Ricardo Xylinski

San Martin de Tucuman: George Karanja; Hernan Patrick, Rodrigo Moreira, Lucas Essevado, Maximiliano Martinez and Emilio Purita, Adrian Arraigui, Ariel Garcia and Tino Costa; Luciano Ponce and Claudio Bialor DT: Walter Context.

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