Saturday , January 23 2021

Confirm the first case of the Santa Fei Hantyverus in 2019 Rosario

Hentavirus case was detected in the province of Santa Fea. It is the first and is not connected to registered people in South Argentina.

The United States Health Ministry confirmed that the first case of the year's Hanvirus was detected in the province of Espenaza. According to the Provincial's Promotions of Health of Preciousness of Health, the case has had good clinical development, currently it is with complete emancipation of the symptoms.

According to official sources, it has no relation with the current spread of the APN, Because the patient did not travel, and he was in touch with people who traveled.

On January 15, the provincial governor of health promotion and Santa Fea Nevar, Julio Beppani, said that the province produces the spread of hentovirus, which exists in the APU., In the south of the country, even though the disease is present. It is different from the virus.

"The South Virus has a special characteristic that is interactive transmission, which is not in the north of a virus and in the center of the country," the official said.

Befani said that there is a "separate case" in the province. Last year 15, four were fatal, he added.

But the fundamental difference is that In the case of Santa Fe, there is no infection in the contact of the affected people.

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