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Confirmed: Sealer manufacturer RAA San Juan found out – 11/17/2018


The North American firm confirmed the news last night to see the Ocean Infinity: Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan was found 800 meters and 500 km from the town of Komodo Riazia.

The first information confirmed by the Navy and the Government immediately confirms that the ship's remains are "The flat of the bow is totally honest", A "hydroelectric project" reported by international organizations at that time is located on the same site a year ago. 44 members have been omitted from the Executive Power and have been relieved of relatives and relatives who have never asked for their search.

The ship was built by the ship's vessel. (German Garcia Adruthi)

The ship was built by the ship's vessel. (German Garcia Adruthi)

By midnight, Defense Minister Oscar Agud gave him Soon notice to President Makri. At the same time, the Norwegian ship, Seabed Constructor, communicated with the observers of the operation to the family as observers Next relatives She said she would receive more news and technical details in the Navy, where she lives in a hotel in Mar del Plateau.

The official part An hour later, a cycle began to be started: "The Ministry of Defense and the Argentinean Navy report was issued by the Pacific Infinity Company on the POI 24, along with a Row (remote surveillance vehicle) 800 meters under the Golden Identified ARA San Walier."

This information led to a breakfast Mixed feelings. "We're all shocking," says Joseph William, a group of workers. "We are proud of all that we have been asking for justice and truth, and we know where our children are and we hope to receive a photo soon, and we hope to give you a farewell break," he adds.

Defense sources confirmed Clarin It's too early to confirm it The ship may be removed or removed from the area Where "canadons". "We think it's very difficult, but the idea has begun to start from now on, and it has been concluded that it can take back the employees' employees," she said. Calita Olivia Judge Martha Yannes received the first technical reports on Saturday.

What is the reality? The end of search. Company Osan Infietity will soon replace their projects and do not go to Cape Town as planned yesterday, but will move back to the Komodora Rwadavia harbor to discard all the collected information. Just before the virtual campaign takes place, Operation Basement will work in the backdrop. We must remember that the contract that the company paid will cost seven million dollars for the discovery of the ship. Oceanic Infinity has no clarity to deal with the backdrop of the Argentine ship.

It was occasionally unexpected. On Thursday, the company reported a new relationship close to the Board of Shipping's Shipping Coordinators. The data was encouraging: 60 meters long and 800 meters deep. There were reasons for hope. The pictures you get are very clear. In a brown background, the horizons of the horizon were like stones. It was submarine.

On Friday afternoon, the boat got suspicious. Initially, bad weather operation threatened the operation, but eventually the navigation was lifted. During the operation of international forces, they reached a place at 15A in the area of ​​deep canyons (rivers, river waterways).

Once upon a time, activities were started. They were implemented with utmost professionalism. As stated Clarin The resources of the Navy should do no more. The drown robot Row, which could reach a thousand meters depth, reached the steel shell. Info sent to the surface. That was the Argentine ship. It's time to inform families.

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