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Cyberbullying: 367 million customers affected by the security breach of Starwood Hotel Chain

About five hundred clients of the chain passport numbers and credit card coding Starwood Hotels Throughout the world, they were caught by a major criminal act Hackers Which significantly affect the security and privacy guarantee of this network related to Emporium Marriott Since then Two years Announced.

By: Miami Daily Newspaper

It was made clear that, of course, this The luxurious chain was not impressed By the action of Cyber ​​attackers Has access information such as name, postal address, emails, telephone, passport numbers, birth date, gender, entry and thousands of properties, communication preferences, and information gathered from credit cards. How much Starwood's data used by Marriott is different

Starwood The company operates in its portfolio Reservation system Hotel Brands W, St. Regis, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Westin Hotels and Resorts, Element Hotels, Aloft Hotels, Luxury Collection, Tribute Portfolio, Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts, Four Points Sheraton and Design Hotels. Data from people who use TimesShore properties Starwood They are also committed.

This Attorney General In the works New York, Barbara Underwood, started investigating the security breach, with him Yahoo and Expert It's going on One of the biggest dates. In addition, and according to the communications director of this office, New York law It is necessary Marriott I inform the agency that "they did not do this for the moment when they were discovered this moment".

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No 500 million customers The information that the hackers had, 327 million As a result of it Forcefully Cybercuts are affected because they have illegally acquired important data combinations. In some cases, it Marriott Not yet estimated, this is Card payment number and its expiration information.

The numbers were encrypted, but Marriott, at this time, checks out that the two components needed to decrypt these numbers without compromising and the owners of that card are left without security.

Anyone He has created one Reservation before last September 10 in the last four years You're a victim of this robbery. On his website, Marriott says that he regrets the situation and advises consumers to sign up for WebViewer. Additionally, they ask that clients do not trust all the instructions received in the name of this chain.

Address they will use for their communication [email protected] And will not ask for any attachments or any information in it.

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