Monday , May 17 2021

Cyclist participating in Ironman walked over two tourists, "Dior La la Capital de Mar del Plata

A cyclist participated in Ironman, which is the highest athletic demanding international competition, ran ahead of La Plata's two tourists in Plaza Cologne today.

Victims are two women aged 73 and 82, who arrived at Mar del Plata late in the week, and as a result of injuries they had to enter the General Interplanial Hospital of Aguagnos (HIG). When they are in danger, they found out that one of them is a broken hand.
On the other hand, the athlete should not be internally, although the competition has not been kept or disclosed if it had been abandoned.

According to data obtained by L Capital, the tragedy occurred around 15 in the vicinity of Cologne and Las Heras, which is an area that involves crossing Ironman's crossings in cycling disciplines. Due to the subject of the investigation, one of the runners attacked the original Plateau of La Plata, despite the fact that the area is spread over, to prevent the accident and ensure the safety of the participants and there. Inspectors

The investigation of the fact was in the operation of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Petition of Casinos, Cash and Pablo Scyth.

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