Wednesday , May 19 2021

Dario Uno – Fortnight 200 million users are registered

Epic Games continues to impress: According to the digital media Bloomberg released in the recent article, its hoods lay the golden egg, Fortnight, reaching a spectacular feature of 200 million players.

These figures represent 60% more registered users than in June, the date on which the latest data was published. To continue this comparison, there were only one quarter users in January, which is now logged in Fortnight.

In recent months and in 2018 the great growth of this game can be attributed to many factors. For example, the expansion of the game of South Korea, where it is succeeding on all platforms or free from other warfare, is PUBG, its greatest rival. In addition, it also helps that it is performed by the creators of large celebrities and well-known content.

However, not all players are rosy for the players. It is estimated that 60% of the video game goes on for addictive recovery farms, Fort Knight.

Epic Games invest both money in the game and in its competitive mode. The year 2019 is a red color for the company, because it will distribute more than $ 100 million prizes in various tournaments.

Without further advance, this weekend will be held in Winter Royale, which will be prize money for the event and will pass the previous qualifier to the players of Europe and North America.

In October, Epic Games raised $ 1,250 million from the investment group, which included KKR and Company, Vulcan Capital and Cleenner Perkins, which gave value to the company in the $ 15 billion capital.

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