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Delusional death in Palazzo Eitori's blindness: a case in which 15 criminals can be jailed

Three days before death, Argentina Pelozo Iturié It was transferred from Iziza prison to Nieuwen's Unit 9. He travels without suffering, hand-loaded and in-truck, without stops, ventilation or food, and in one Irregular: Sergio Delgado, the judge of the charge of his case, who had to approve the change of place, Never found.

38 year old man and A Heavy file For which he sentenced for a quarter and a half years, he knew the place where he took it almost secretly. They had already lived in 1996. In this irregular case, on April 5, 2008, Pelozo returned to cross the Etuberi Newquen Federal Prison Bar. Three days later, he got out of prison. But inside an ambulance His body was killed. His heart was not resisted. She died in a nearby hospital.

The original autopsy announced "sudden death". But the justice of the case has not been closed for the Justice or the Federal Penicantric Proquator. So, after a decade, 15 offenses (Including doctors, prison authorities and regional head of the Federal Penitentiary Service) are sitting on a bench of Newquen Court's defendants.

The Paleozo Iturry case has a black background: suspicion was confirmed by investigative experts, beating deserving of timing of investigation, and Before the main witness's trial, the dark chain, the autopsy of the autopsy, the hardships and even mysterious deaths., The only prisoner who saw how his pavilion companion was killed.

The judgment is expected two months after the start of the hearing, before the end of the year. Judges Marcelo Grasso, Orlando Cosia and Alexandra Vital They should reveal the tumor of a story that is, to defend the accused, that is Accidental death Psychological eruption production.

Guard Carlos Vargara, Demand agents Orlando Jon, Pablo Muniez, Javier Peliza, Pablo Sapulveda, Daniel Romero, Jose Ratmal and Jose Quinnata Charged with the crime "Suffering after death", Which is convicted by the jail Eternal.

Doctors Juan Carlos Herrera And Mario Loria, After nurse Miguel Carilio, Is accused of accusation (he envisions punishment for up to 5 years), and falsely apologizing to the medical certificate of death.

The head of criminal internal security Daniel Hinul, Director of U 9 Day Newquen Jose Sousa And deputy director Hector Ledesmá They are also judged by divorce and the theoretical falsity of public documents (3 to 10 years in prison).

Gabriel Grobley, The head of the southern region of SPF, who had to make formalities after death (accused of taking photographs, shutting down medical service, creating a sketch of the event), with a ban of "dislocation and concealment".

On April, the classic "Welcome" by Palazzo Iturrell's prison officials, a Jail torture pack Powered by the authorities includes Blow, kick And "Water pump", An endless tube Ice water on the body Prisoners naked in subgona weather

The prisoner was marked: The punishment he punished in his crimes was best A policeman's murder. The oppressive agents waited for 12 years. He accused him of murder and because he had participated in the rebellion in 1996 without evidence that he was held hostage in his own territory in Nuwen Jail. They do not forget it.

Palozo Eitori entered the Nieuwen prison and after getting "welcome" it was locked "Mailbox", The name that is achieved in the loneliness cells string. He was wounded due to wounds, but prisoner or murder already suffered pain due to pain, because Aziza had given him a fugitive.

Three days later, on April 8, Palazzo Eitori was taken from the "Mailbox", which was formally the solitary cell of Pavilion 10. Prisoners of adjacent cells heard the voices: Shooting against the body, walls and walls, buttons, men's body shield, shouting and screaming of prisoners against the floor: "Do not shoot me now".

However, the defendants alleged that due to the spread of mental illness they took him from there, "Help him and save his life" And in the people who had received them in EzZema, they were imposed on their own against the floor and walls, even though they were full of hands, and then they fell down from the stairs and disappeared into the impurities.

But one of the detainees in the mailbox said that shortly before his death, he had talked about "races" (one hour to wash), and Pelozo Iturri told him that the person who punished Necken had warned him in "welcome". They were going on · Charged 1996 bombing.

At 11 o'clock, when Iturière met with guard agent John, classara and Muniez to visit the guard Carlos Vargara. They all rescued the argument of psychological spread in the trial, but they were Contradictory by detainees and now former detention witnesses However, Strict The scenes that had been tolerated (found in the case's records) were told that there is more to do with torture and change than the way to help the person.

One of them, who used Penthetiera's "cafetero", said that he heard among the accused that when he entered the cell, he pressured Itrui and asked him to clean his cell, but then the prisoners attacked him.

A detainee in Pavilion 11 saw that after that they took him to the corridor between "eight or ten robbers". He said that he saw how he climbed the stairs with waves and sticks from the throat. "That day I was dying"He said on trial the week before.

Two prisoners who had been with the visitors in the central courtyard of the prison, they looked at the moment of transfer from the bar to the place. One said he had heard Pelozo Eureira screaming "Do not shoot me now, they will kill me".

The second witnessed during the trial that he saw how the organization demanded He hit it on a wreath until he passed it And they took him to "obviously unconscious", from where he heard that "screaming of torture, As they were taking care of"The same man came out of a nurse who commented on the fraud: "This is not spoken anymore".

After the dictatorship, the technique of torture was dragged into Nuwuen. One of these prisoners was testified as witnesses during the trial. In 1979, one of them entered Newquen. "Fireman's tube was not used even in military regime"In 2008, there is an example to describe the living environment.

There were two witnesses in the nursery, which is the key to the cause. One of them said that when he was in Pelozo Iitori, he was taken out, but when he left, he heard the sound of smoke and pain.

There was another witness Louise Ebella, The most important person in the case. And that's it Dead, Killed Cut After entering the witness protection program, still in undefeated case, sufferers with unsatisfactory facts and mystery, which deserve another story.

Known as "King of Flight", Abella had witnessed before the days of the execution of Pelozo Eitori and her related death "Terrible beats". He said that Palazzoza was thrown on the bench in the room waiting for infirmary He was hit by fish, kicks, fawls, who jumped over his head, who stood on his neck and chased him. And when the prisoner was arrested in Cardiac, he called the doctor, gave him confidence, tried to revive him and took him to a hospital.

"He warns Terror in the Witnesses Which is still under orbit of the Penitentier Service after 10 years, "the federal prosecutor said during the trial Miguel Angel Palazzani

"It can not be ignored here that in many cases dared to be disappointed, it was internal or internal to those who gave time for slander; They declare fear while advertising, Who had asked to transfer to try to do it or they did it under an executive judge or reserved identity system, and that too, U.P. He knew he had received horror comments from agents, "the judge believed. Richer Galaxy In the charge, four years ago, General Roa was told by Federal Chamber.

Pelzozo's death was a long time exemption for liberation. And according to the accused, the autopsy was based on confusion. "It's excited with irregularities, loss and misinformation, it was useful to cover", Detailed Infobay Sources of Penetratory Projection (PPN), which integrate the complaint.

Official autopsy, found nicely by four prison officials, the prison director José Sausa announced the sudden death of "uncertain reasons", but in the examination he was not sent for the study of the victim's brain or lung.

In November 2012, a PNNA report presented a forensic doctor Jose Angel Patto Where it was said that the death of Pelozo Iturry was the result of the defeat achieved by prison officials. Based on this document, Newquan Federal Judge Gilmore's Lab Order a new expert opinion on the nation's forensic medical corps of the Supreme Court.

The conclusion was brief: detention was death Direct relationship with the pain suffered And the injuries suffered were in the brain and hemorrhoid in pulmonary asifaxia. Failed to study two parts of the body or original autopsy.

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