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Diaryo Uno – "My Collective Militity Must Sing Albums and Record"

Notes have been issued by Andrés Camilo e-mail for years (at least in Argentina). This is a limitation for the journalist who can not check or measure the pulse of the conversation. But one can allow it. Because he knows he is happy to read about AC possibilities. He writes better than many journalists, self-conscious authors. He writes a songwriter. That's another record. Write a musician with a concrete cultural background and decent past decade, a mix of which can boast a very few (almost anyone).

There is no reason for virtual exchange with El Salmon, this time is very simple. Cameron has now returned with a new record, new songs from "Kagar La Souet" and "Bohemia" (2013). This title is an interpretation of "the calf," which is called "that body and risks." The album was made in Los Angeles with producer Gustavo Bonaire (15 grams, with artists such as Plasido Domingo and Phil Collins), Pianist German waiter (Andr's best music co-leader), a 11-session combo, drummer Aaron Sterling, guitarists Rich Hitman and Mark Goldelburg. As a result, it was compared to high life, stressed, precise sewing disc, and the likelihood of a film al-saqo (1997). A stimulus comes back to the guitar, songs that talk about farewell speeches, principles, tenderness, and various confessions over the years.

In "Sargander La Cerate", "Crimeence Fuete", "Paloma" writes, the country's crisis and the current rock crisis and the country's crisis. Their multiple illustrations, quotes, and long term perspectives were honored.

– "Luck luck" In Los Angeles, a luxury device with high fine sound and a lot of pedal steel was recorded. Have you started to crack like this from the beginning?

– Demos were well presented, with Demos with Martin Parmer's fine voice and guitar. We did not record models with musicians in the studio. We went and yes, with the arrangements that were well-written, and the interpretation of musicians was their own and personal. Each one offers a "musical theory" and we are happy with it. We have picked up a pedal steel because of a specialist Ritch (Hitman). German "Videamir" was awarded the "previous" album. We arrived in Los Angeles for the recording service of Gustavo (Borner). At the beginning of the year I had no letters. We inspired Gustavo to "temporary" versions of the German alphabet in Germany, and in a few months we organized this beautiful recording …

– Influences the structure of disks, films, books, and memories.

– We have to ask Germany. When I do not read the piano, I do not know what genuine people are thinking of. I liked the post-record record of Greg Alman recorded in Nasvely … I'm not going to run all the music I listen to in my own album, not the ability to listen to discs for ideas, the British style. "Some of the episodes that grabs my attention. Always, they caught me in the old lessons should not be a disk of songs. The old (looked like an old photograph), and the indiscriminate use of synthetic ampharttaminsinre World War II, Morocco … I write these words, the matrix will be influenced to a liter of music. The words of the characters "These are kandans, Inc.," which is designed to consort songs. I wrote some scholars, we rekhappetuttiyillenn ranceras records of the records. I am working as influences, because I do not have the will. I would like to record to record sounds, such as the records of the hearing. However, there are fifty discs, some of the For me, the possible distance.

– There are songs like "Falso LV" and "Adam Rubs" confirm your rocker DNA. Have you thought about making a solo album in that sense? The front guitar and the mocking of serious lyrics?

– Make a list of disks that I want to recording, which is a telephone directory. Colombian Fusion, Hard Salsa's Heavy, Minimalist, Brutalist Albums, I certainly thought … My red music radar! I'm listening to a lot of music, and almost all albums are interesting because I want to do what's right. I do not know whether I'm good enough to imagine all artists and artists. I always try to record the good "Calamaro" albums (!!), but I did other things like Soundcloud or "L'SALMON" two thousand mash up. I'm getting closer to Sun Supper than Tom Toys … I have so many records … I listen to music all day, I listen to music at night. Stop doing this when we read or record.

"You get more respect" if you have to pay tolls in "Diego Armando Canonies". However, you are one of the best critics of the country, and many journalists love you. Write down that song point in a particular area?

-Instead, that joint brain … The nature of everything says about the food we eat and share the photos of the barbecue. A digital "fraud" depends on a self-minded or manifesting character that does not disagree. In order to criticize me, some statistics from some of the listeners are proven. It's normal if one says "hate" a musician or interpreter. I would like to avoid bitter debates naturally in scholars. Avoiding bad comedies is a way of finding happiness.

– Now you're living alone. You agreed that you have more responsibilities and life. Is that the structure of that album? How is your work rate up?

My methods like my orders are my own. I suspect other homes or people are worthy of work. Now tell music, I do not have a "method" to make music, and the only thing I can do is recording my home. In my life a good joke has been influenced by my frequency litter letters. Do not interfere with your mood. We must now be aware of a recording for the film, and tried to end the first one of the magazine we published with Roddollo Palacioz and the photo book with Jaime Eruti, and return to training two weeks after the album's theme. I do not dare to call my life "method and order", I am resting! I do not know what I will do or what I will do. Adding a barbecue with friends at the moment is a warm, seasonal and grill.

– During Salman's time, did that make long nights music? How do you view those perspectives?

– They are two questions. The horizons of those days, months, and years have broken my health in my mind, but I did not understand. This is not a small detail. At the moment I think very well, but "not fully functioning". In those perspectives, those years were powerful, exciting and very creative. I have sought exceptional technologies in tools, annotations, and recording. That was extraordinary freedom. I've gone two more in that "Strict" … a lot of pleasure and treatment. Now I can not return to those habits or rolling stalls. of course not. But I refuse to repent. Perhaps, I talked to people who respect the secret nature of talking to someone like a bonnet.

– You are active on Twitter, but you should not be in big arguments or fights. Have you studied game rules from the networks or are you no longer required?

– I have not learned to behave online. I'm very handsome for some distance, a good hostess, a self-taught conversation breaker … My activity on the Internet promotes more listeners in listening to my FM radio. But I am a terrible manager of social networks. "Diego Armando Canyonz" goes out of it: Avoid extraordinary discussions with strangers. I can live in good mood, please kindly answer me all the best … I'm a good reason why I need it in the plains. In the meantime my collective militancy should sing and record the albums.

– Some respondents say rock is in crisis and do not get new indications that young people will link to other types of heap hop and reggaeon. Do you agree with that perspective? Are there new bands or solids connecting you?

– New bands and artists are always visible around the world. On the contrary, I have nothing against Reggie. I like the idea of ​​"Latin crossbow" with hip hop. When the LV's blocked it to make Hollywood films cinematic, the rock faced the crisis. "King Creole" is a big picture … the rock ended in 1974! This year I learned a lot of Colombian, Brazilian and post-rock music. The Creator of Galileo, San Jacinto, La La Dell Peru, La La Dell Peru, Max Priyoto, Shaman, Lampchop, Conan Mokassin, Chris Dave, Šidadakta, Rosalia, Taylor (Datt de Las Geetas) We hope to find him and nominate him.

– One of Argentina's economic empires fell again. There is a big mood, more expensive to sell discs or tickets in this panorama. How does this fact affect you? How are you living in the past, such as scores 89 and 2001?

– Unfortunately, we recall the many situations we now experience. The first slowdown I remembered was seen by Selleinino Rodrigo, a minister on a subway that features Gelat Magazine. From that time on … The "Small Board" was a bad moment, and many people were in the skies in the sky. That was 89. We were recording and we stayed in the dark in the Hermitage recording studio. Some musicians have gone through a trance. Cigarettes one by one … 2001 was serious. A city appeared in the post-war (side note: the streets of Buenos Aires, when the hours drop, they look like a nuclear posture on the wall of the shadows with a drawing edge of a slice of pizza). See progressive actions of underground economy: crime, adultery, cocaine. That structural response was my "beautiful hell". Today it is like this: the disks are already expensive and they are now spending three times. I can not think of the price of bass strings. നല്ല ഗിറ്റാർ അല്ലെങ്കിൽ അപ്രധാനമായ ഓഡിയോ ഉപകരണങ്ങൾ ഇപ്പോൾ ഭാഗ്യമായി വിവർത്തനം ചെയ്യുന്നില്ല. ഒരു ഡോളർ എന്നതിനെക്കുറിച്ചാണ് നമ്മൾ ചിന്തിക്കുന്നത്. പെട്ടെന്ന് ആരും പറയാതെ അല്ലെങ്കിൽ വിശദീകരിക്കാൻ കഴിയാത്ത ഒരു ചെരിയിൽ പ്രവേശിക്കുന്നു. ഭക്ഷണപദാർത്ഥങ്ങളുടെ ശൈലിയും ശൈത്യകാലത്ത് ചൂടും കുട്ടികൾക്ക് വിദ്യാഭ്യാസം നൽകും. സാംസ്കാരിക ഉപയോഗങ്ങൾ ലക്ഷ്വറി ഇനങ്ങൾക്ക് മുൻപ് ഉപേക്ഷിക്കപ്പെടുന്നു. നമ്മൾ ഒരിക്കലും ഫോണുകളിൽ ഉപേക്ഷിക്കില്ലെങ്കിലും (അവർ സ്മാർട്ട് ഫോണുകൾക്കായി എന്തെങ്കിലും വിളിക്കുന്നു). സ്മാർട്ട്ഫോണുകൾ അത്ര ബുദ്ധിമുട്ടുള്ളതല്ല, അവർ പ്രതിസന്ധിയെ അതിജീവിക്കുമെന്നതാണ്.

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